5 Essential Pieces to take Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

5 Essential Pieces to take Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

There’s nothing tricker then transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring!

Even as the temperatures start to rise, you might still be clinging to your cozy winter wardrobe. It’s understandable, during the spring you might experience both a chilly, winter morning and sunny afternoon on the same day! So what’s a girl to wear? 

The trick to an effortless winter-to-spring transition isn’t changing your entire wardrobe, it’s choosing a few essential pieces that will help you dress with confidence even during unpredictable spring weather. From all-weather tights to blazers and cardigans, we’ve got the 5 essential pieces you need to take your wardrobe from winter to spring.

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  1. Blazers and Cardigans

The #1 essential piece you’ll need in your transitional wardrobe is a few blazers and cardigans. Blazers and cardigans act as the perfect layering piece meaning you can wear what you want during the day and adjust your temperature just by taking your blazer or cardigan on or off. On particularly warm spring days, a blazer or cardigan even allows you to leave your jacket at home!

Since we are transitioning to spring, make sure you choose outerwear that adds a pop of color to your outfit. A dressy blazer is perfect for wearing to work while a loose cardigan makes the perfect weekend wear. 

  1. Warm Skirts

Want to give off a spring vibe without freezing to death? Choose a warm skirt made from warmer fabric. Although micro-mini skirts are going to be extra popular this spring season, avoid them until the warmer weather hits and opt for thick fabrics like wool, flannel, and fleece instead. On warmer days, you can pair your skirts with tights while on colder days you can get away with a pair of leggings. 

As for shoes, if you’re worried about the temperatures, pair your skirts with knee high socks and boots for an extra layer of warmth. As we move closer to spring, have fun with your footwear and go ahead and choose a pair of ankle boots or even sneakers!

  1. Tights & Leggings

We know, we know, for a lot of people tights bring up memories of their grandmothers but tights are actually insanely versatile and the perfect layering accessory for spring. If you’ve got some spring dresses or skirts just dying to break out of your wardrobe, pairing them with a cute pair of tights means you can pull them out even while it’s still cold out. 

All tights are not made the same so avoid sheer styles and go for thicker cotton and polyester blends instead. Knee-high socks and leg warmers aren’t just for fall, so tuck them into your boots for an extra warmth and an oh-so-cozy look! 

  1. Dresses

You’ve probably already got this essential piece somewhere in your closet. Dresses are timeless and perfect for year-round wear. The trick to turning your dresses into spring or winter pieces is all about the layers you pair them with. Throw a cardigan or blazer over a lightweight dress to make it spring appropriate or choose a heavy knit dress and skip the outwear all together. 

Remember your shoes play a role too! Need more warmth? Add some knee-high boots and tights to your outfit. If you want to lighten a heavy winter dress, choose a pair of dainty ankle boots or heels instead. 

  1. Light sweaters

Nothing says springtime quite like a cozy, light sweater. A transitional wardrobe is all about layers, and light cotton sweaters are the perfect layering piece that are easy to store in any bag. Avoid wool fabrics past the winter months and choose a lightweight cotton or cashmere blend. Rather than go for the chunky knit styles that are popular in the winter months, try a lightweight more feminine design instead. 


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