XResolver- A Complete Guide To Blacklisting Your IP Address


If you’ve ever wondered if your IP address is being listed on gamertags, you’ve come to the right place. Xresolver is a database that logs your IP address and gamertag and allows you to pay a fee to remove it from their list. If you’re a PlayStation or Xbox user, this tool can help you avoid being listed by other users.

Gamertags & IP Addresses

XResolver is a database that logs gamertags and IP addresses of users. This information is made publicly available on the Internet and is a potential headache for anyone who enjoys playing online games. The database collects information from users who run scraping programs to capture this information. In addition to gamertags, the website logs other users’ IP addresses and other information related to their online profiles. xResolver is an open source service, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

To use Xresolver, you must download and install freebooter. Once you’ve done that, enter the gamertag you want to monitor. You’ll be prompted to enter your own Gamertag or the IP address of the person you want to monitor. When the person has successfully booted the system, xResolver will alert you and ask you to enter a key.

Great Tool for PlayStation Users

If you’re looking to hack Xbox or PlayStation games, Xresolver can help. This website filters out packets and decrypts usernames. You can then link your IP address with your PlayStation username. It supports PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and even Xbox Series X. Besides being completely malware-proof, Xresolver also offers constant customer support. Besides, it’s free to use, and offers an ongoing tutorial to help you with any problem.

One of the best features of Xresolver for PlayStation is its PSN username checker. This feature allows you to check if the username you’re looking for is available. Other useful features include IP storage, which allows you to save IP addresses and notes. Lastly, the blacklist feature prevents you from resolving a username or Gamertag from certain IP addresses. You can blacklist a username once, but only one at a time.

Blacklist the IP Address

Xresolver is a free tool that will allow you to blacklist the IP address of an Xbox user. It works with the Xbox IP Resolver website, which provides multiple tools for setting up an Xbox proxy service and a complete guide on how to backlist an IP address. After you’ve blacklisted the IP address, you can start playing Xbox games again without worrying about the IP address.

XResolver is a free tool that works on all platforms, including Xbox, PS4, PS5, Roblox, and PC. If your Xbox is connected to a monitor via HDMI input ports, you can also use xResolver to blacklist an IP address. Unlike many other methods, it works with any web browser, and you can use it for free to protect your Xbox.

Available As A Free Download

Before you can use XResolver, you have to know what exactly this tool is. It is a program that allows you to boot out of your IP address and remove it from the blacklist. The software is available as a free download. You will need to install the freebooter first. Once the program is installed, you will need to enter your IP address and blacklist username and then validate it.

Once the booter is installed, open a web browser and navigate to the XResolver website. Then, enter your IP address, select a time limit, and then click the “DDOS” tab. If you’re unsure what the DDOS tab is, look in the DDOS section. After you’ve entered all of your information, you will receive a message confirming that the process has been completed successfully.

Activate the Software

Next, you’ll want to download Octosniff. You’ll need 500 points before you can blacklist your IP address. Once you’ve purchased the program, you’ll be sent an activation key. You’ll need this key to activate the software. Once you have the key, you can access the blacklist section. To do so, you’ll need to sign into your Octosniff account.


XResolver also has an Xbox resolver database. It compiles a database of Xbox Live players. This database is the core of the flood. The program’s database also includes gamers and hackers, who share a common concern: online privacy and safety. Moreover, it discusses the toxic energy present in video game culture. There’s no way to blacklist your IP address without some knowledge of how to protect yourself online. read more


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