What to order to get the most out of your budget wedding flowers

What to order to get the most out of your budget wedding flowers

The wedding to-do list is long:

  • Choosing a location
  • Sending invitations
  • Deciding on a menu
  • Stocking up on alcohol
  • Shopping for a dress
  • Scouting out entertainment

But when it comes to your wedding day decor, the flowers and patterns you pick may make or break the mood and ambience. On the other hand, if you have no prior experience in floristry, you could find it a little daunting.

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A bouquet of bridal flowers costs on the order of $2,000 on average, and most of the time, the price of your flower arrangements surprise you later, especially if your budget is already pushed thin. You need to make wise decisions ahead of time so that t you may save a lot of money on your wedding bouquets. You’re not the only one who wants the look of a luxurious wedding but can only afford a limited budget. Sola wood flowers are popular among newlyweds due to their 65-70 percent savings over going to a genuine florist.

The wedding scene seems to change with the seasons bringing along a few classic staples you can always rely on. dusty blue color schemes for every season have always been a bridal favorite, however this year it is stepping out into the celebrity spotlight! Known as the new neutral to love, the hues are enchantingly elegant and sweepingly romantic. The featured tones of dusk are set with the gentleness of a light breeze that is simply gorgeous any time of the year. 

The main emphasis a couple has to do is better understand the floral planning process and how to make the most of your floral budget. Here are few tips to have a better understanding of the floral planning process and how to make the most of your floral budget:

  • Pick budget-friendly wooden flowers:

Choosing your wedding flowers might be difficult if you already have a vision of what you want. Depending on your budget, you may be able to purchase prettier flowers in their wooden version. Don’t let your imagination be bound to the actual flower options only, but think out of the box with sola wood flowers and get more stylish floral options like multicolored wooden roses or purple wood flowers.

  • The color palette must be affordable:

Try to stick to a color palette with few flower type differences but can be readily spruced up with extra decorations. The use of monochromatic color schemes is both cost-effective and fashionable. Fill up centerpieces with giant sola wood flowers to give your floral arrangements a regal feel. Try colored wood flowers such as sunflowers, big wooden roses, and full gerbera daisies to make a statement without costing an arm and a leg.

If you’re hosting a big wedding, you can pair your flowers by buying contrasting linens wholesale to save even more money.

  • Take a break from customization:

Pre-arranged affordable designer wooden bouquets and centerpieces may be found at various online wood flower e-stores like wooden roses com or woodflowers.com. These are beautifully crafted and elegantly arranged floral bouquets and centerpieces designed by professional florists. Customization is good, but these predesigned floral arrangements are a blessing with a tight wedding budget, especially when your DIY talent is not up to the mark.You can buy Awesome Gifts Flower Bouquet in wholesale price.

  • Go with large statement blooms:

Bring big, bold flowers and wooden floral arrangements to your wedding reception site to make a statement. Fill up centerpieces with big, bright wooden flowers to give your arrangements a regal feel or add lots of greenery to cut costs. You can choose rental wooden floral arrangements also to make your wedding flowers budget limited.


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