What is Sddfcu? | Everything You Need To Know


Sddfcu is a credit union that’s open to everyone in Southern California. That includes Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and as far north as Santa Barbara and also San Luis Obispo counties.

Sddfcu offers a variety of banking services, including savings accounts and also checking accounts. It also offers consumer loans and also home mortgages.

San Diego County Credit Union

San Diego County Credit Union is a not-for-profit, wholly owned credit union. Founded in 1938, it provides a variety of financial services to members throughout the county.

Sddfcu offers a variety of savings and investment products that can be accessed online or at a branch. Among them are savings accounts, certificates and money market accounts that offer competitive rates.

Mortgage Packages

Sddfcu also offers mortgage packages, home equity loans and other loan types at a variety of terms. These include fixed-rate, adjustable-rate and adjustable-term options.

Sddfcu members can access their accounts and make deposits anywhere by using the Sddfcu mobile banking app. Available for iPhone(r), iPad(r) and Android(tm) phones, this secure service is free to use.

Same Business Day

Deposits are generally made available the same business day that they’re received. However, some deposits may take longer to process and post to your account.

If you have questions about availability, please refer to our Member Agreement.

SDCCU Account Agreement

Sddfcu availability schedule, as well as requirements within Federal Regulation CC and the availability policy described in your Sddfcu account agreement entitled “Account Disclosures & Agreement” provide details regarding when you can access your money. Exceptions to this policy may be permitted under related laws. These rules are designed to protect you, Sddfcu and other members.

If you are a member of San Diego County Credit Union, you may qualify for low interest rate signature loans. These can be used to pay for a variety of expenses, including car repairs or medical bills.

High Interest Rate

These are a great way to get cash without paying a high interest rate, and they can be a helpful alternative to payday lenders. You can even use them to pay your rent when you have unexpected bills that need to be paid right away.

Sddfcu has a number of different loan types, including fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, auto loans, credit cards and more. These are all available to members who live or work in California and its surrounding areas.

Act of Allocating Resources

Investing is the act of allocating resources (money) with the expectation that it will generate an income, profit, or gain over a period of time. It can involve anything from buying stocks in a company to purchasing real estate and reselling it at a higher price later on.

Sddfcu offers a variety of investments, including shares in the stock market. It also offers fixed-income investments, like bonds.

Bonds are similar to an IOU from a country or a corporation, but they promise to pay a specific amount of interest for a certain length of time.

Credit Analysis Annually

A Federal credit union must conduct and document a credit analysis on all investments before purchasing them. It must update the credit analysis annually.

Credit cards are a great way for cardholders to earn rewards, as well as save money on interest. Fortunately, sddfcu offers a number of credit cards that are easy to use and come with a variety of perks.

Final Words:

The Sddfcu Cash Rewards Visa Platinum is a great option for Californians who are looking to get started with credit card rewards. This card features a simple cash back rewards program that applies to virtually every purchase a cardholder makes.

It also features a low APR, which is 6 percentage points lower than the national average for credit cards. This is a major plus for anyone who might carry a balance in between statements.


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