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A hacker has leaked the details of Hacker 2.28M Facebook idscimpanuzdnet users, including real names, email addresses and Facebook authentication tokens. A 1.2GB file containing these details has been uploaded on a publicly accessible hacking forum.

It also includes details such as body details, dating preferences and marital status. It has been shared by a group known as ShinyHunters, which has been involved in other high-profile data breaches recently.

Shiny Hunters

ShinyHunters is a cybercrime operation that runs a data exfiltration and sales business that has been off to a roaring start this year. They have been responsible for a number of high-profile breaches, including breaches at men’s clothing retailer Bonobo and photo editing app Pixlr.

Their most recent database leak was from the online dating service Hacker 2.28M Facebook idscimpanuzdnet. The leaked data included email addresses, full names, and dates of birth. It also included credit card information and IP addresses.

History of Selling Breached Data

The group also has a history of selling breached data on the dark web. The stolen data is typically fresh to market – not repurposed from previous breaches – which means that it can be quite valuable.

However, ShinyHunters has been a bit unusual in that they are not always willing to leak the data for free after they have sold it. They usually wait until they are ready to make money from the sale.


The bonobo is an ape whose name comes from the French for “little one,” and they do a good job of keeping their little ones safe from predators. While bonobos aren’t as smart as we are, they can learn to play a few games and even teach each other how to use tools. They also do some cool things like use a stick to help them get from place to place and use their tails as flashlights to find the nearest water source.

Enjoyable Solitary Activities

The best way to avoid being the next Bonobo apocalypse is to change your passwords often, use a different username for every account you have, and be sure to scan all of your devices for malware. It’s also a good idea to set aside a little time for a few enjoyable solitary activities, such as a nice long read or a nice big cup of tea. The best way to do this is to make it a habit, not a chore.


Teespring is an e-commerce company that allows you to make your own custom-printed products. Originally founded in 2011, they’ve grown their business into something that’s definitely worth paying attention to, with $1 billion in lifetime sales and more than a million customers.

They have a long and somewhat troubled history, but things are looking up thanks to a few smart moves that include more marketing, multichannel sales, and big-name partnerships. As a result, they’re now more profitable than ever.

Impressive Print on Demand Capabilities

The company’s main draw is its impressive print-on-demand capabilities by Hacker 2.28M Facebook idscimpanuzdnet. In particular, it has a clever integration with YouTube that lets creators sell their merch right under video content. In addition, they’re also experimenting with integrations with popular gaming platforms like Twitch, Streamlabs, and Discord. Using a combination of clever technology and smart business moves, they’ve been able to overcome some of their previous setbacks to turn into one of the most successful print-on-demand services on the market.

Pixlr is a suite of photo editing and design tools that was introduced by Ola Sevanderson in 2008. It was later acquired by Autodesk, which boosted its user count to millions.

Well-Organized UI

The software has a well-organized UI and allows you to tweak your photos manually or use automatic instruments. Its history tool is particularly useful, allowing you to scroll through actions and undo or redo them if needed.

It also offers a navigator that shows the cursor position and the size of the work area. This is a very handy feature as it makes it easier to zoom in on your images without losing clarity.

Final Words:

In addition to this, Pixlr X has a variety of templates that you can use to create visual assets for your online projects. These include YouTube banners, Instagram stories, business cards, resumes, presentations and more.

The website complies with both the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which requires that it obtain parental consent before it collects and shares information from children. Its policies are clear and easy to understand.

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