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Oikawa is a setter who is cunning and intelligent. His primary weakness is letting his insecurities get the best of him. This trait was highlighted when Kageyama came to him for help and raised his hand. The anime shows both characters with red eyes, implying intense self-loathing. That is why Oikawa is his own worst enemy. Read on to learn more about Oikawas and why he’s an excellent setter.

Oikawa is a setter

Oikawas personal skills are impressive and he would probably excel anywhere if not for the fact that he is not particularly compatible with his teammates. Setters are conductors, and Oikawa is no exception. His ability to manipulate the serve is what makes him stand out from the rest of the team. Karasuno has no idea how talented Oikawa is as a setter.

He believes that he is an average setter but he is still able to work hard to make up for that. He works hard and makes his teammates better, even though he is a little less talented than his teammate Kageyama. He also injured his knee in extra practice, but that is to be expected. The injury will not hinder Oikawa too much because he is still playing at the highest level.

He is intelligent

Is Oikawa really intelligent? Quite a lot. After all, he’s the captain of the volleyball team. He’s so intelligent, he’d be the first to point out that the girl’s post was ridiculous. Besides, if a girl can’t get proof, why should an adult listen to her? That is the question that Oikawa must answer, or he’ll be ridiculed, like the rest of them.

Oikawa’s intelligence is evident from his frequent, joking remarks and serious afterthoughts. His keen sense of observation allows him to pick up on others’ emotions and strategies quite easily. Oikawa’s father is a karasuno, and the comic strips suggest that he has an older brother. He also coaches the Lil Tykes Volleyball Classroom. His favorite food is milk bread. He is named Oikawa Toru on Crunchyroll, while his sister is Oikawa Tohru.

He is cunning

Oikawa is an excellent setter who quickly picks up on opponents’ intentions and tactics. Among his many other attributes, he is highly intelligent and has a keen sense of surroundings. He is quick to pick up on teammates’ intentions and tries to exploit their weaknesses to his advantage. The cunning nature of Oikawa also makes him appealing to many girls. In addition to being a gifted setter, he is also cunning and intelligent, which makes him very popular amongst the female population.

Oikawa sets up a trap and waits for a weak moment to attack Kageyama. He manages to get one hand set and then passes it on to Hinata, but Oikawa is able to hit a kill shot on the next pass. He then sets up a snare and defeats the second setter with a decoy. This is a perfect scenario for Oikawa.

He is a knee supporter

“Oikawa is a knee supporter, and I love it!” proclaimed Oikawa tooru, a collegiate volleyball player from Osaka. Oikawa, a knee supporter, was injured when he stepped through a white knee pad. His knees swelled with pain and he collapsed. Upon further inspection, he discovered that the white pad was in fact a myotismon spirit. It had absorbed the dark spores from children and was transformed into the white knee pad.

The painful waves came in waves, and they traveled through his lean body and nerves. When Iwaizumi advised him to stop, Oikawa ignored him. Despite the pain, he couldn’t walk, and he needed someone to help him. The other players couldn’t wait to help. Fortunately, Oikawa was wearing a knee supporter when they arrived at the hospital, which allowed him to receive treatment.

He hates Tobio Kageyama

Oikawa and Kageyama had a rivalry in volleyball as far back as middle school. Although they shared a grudging respect for each other’s skill, the rivalry was fierce and the two often competed against each other. Oikawa sprinted ahead in technique while Kageyama remained on the sidelines to watch the play. This rivalry did not end until both players were on opposing teams in a match.

Final Words:

Although Kageyama was a genius player, his teammates often did not take his commands, causing him to get the nickname King of the Court. The other teammates would scowl when Kageyama spiked their tosses and abandoned his command during games, earning him the nickname King of the Court. Even though Kageyama is often considered a great player, his teammates did not like him and hated him.


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