Top Tips to Remember if You Want to Have a Fun (and Safe) Time at the Funfair 

Top Tips to Remember if You Want to Have a Fun (and Safe) Time at the Funfair 

It’s the summer season now, and we all know what it means – lots of time under the summer sun and lots of time spent outdoors. But we’re at one of our hottest summers to date, so it’s best to be aware and careful. It is especially true if you have young ones running around – sometimes they’re too busy playing to care about drinking some water or cooling down! If you are going to spend time at a funfair, it is even more crucial to be aware of the heat – and other things, besides. Of course, it’s all well and good to enjoy yourselves, but here are some top tips to remember if you want to have a fun (and safe) time at the funfair.

  • Ensure proper supervision at all times 

Funfairs and fairgrounds have some rules, and these are all for your safety and security. If the rules for a ride, for example, say that your child has to be accompanied by an adult or someone suitable, ensure that the companion is paying proper attention to your kid and not just enjoying the ride. The role of the companion is to ensure that kids do not do anything unsafe or untoward whilst in the middle of the ride. So if you are not the one riding as a companion for your child, choose someone who has the right level of maturity so you can trust them. 

  • Remember that the height limit doesn’t guarantee safety

Another point concerns the height limit, which we often take for granted. Even if your child may be too tall for the ride and has reached the height limit, this is not a guarantee of safety. The height rule filters out those who are too young for the ride’s intensity or those who don’t have the strength to hold on. Your child may still feel that the ride is too shaky, noisy, or fast, and they might make an impulsive decision. If you want your child to be more secure during the ride, make sure they are strapped on well, and the lap bars are as secure as possible, especially if you have a child who is slender or tall, as confirmed by a funfair stall for hire provider like We Are Tricycle. 

  • Always listen to the operator – and avoid undermining them

If the operator of the ride says that your kid is too small for the ride, listen to them – they have valid reasons not to allow your child on the ride, after all. Gently explain to your kid that they are not yet ready and can be ready next year. Try not to give in to your kids – especially if they become demanding or stubborn. They may not realise, for instance, that the roller coaster is too fast, or the Ferris wheel is too high – if you think the ride is too mature for them, you are probably right – so listen to your instinct. 

  • Be extra careful of inflatables 

If the fairground or funfair has a bouncy castle or an inflatable slide, ensure they are secure and correctly installed first – and ensure they are amply supervised. Parents and staff need to keep a close eye on everyone so children will not be harmed or injured. 


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