Top Best Ugly Cartoon Characters 2022

Top Ugly Cartoon Characters

If you enjoy cartoons, you’ll love this list of the top fifteen most Ugly Cartoon Characters. Whether it’s the cool or cute animations, cartoons are a childhood favorite and are an excellent source of entertainment for kids and adults alike. These fifteen disgusting characters will make your next cartoon marathon a must-read! What character would you add to this list? Read on to find out!

Popular Animated Series

Among the most offensive cartoon characters of all time, Olive Oyl has no qualms in the list of Top Most Ugly Cartoon Characters. Her hair is a mess, her eyes are big, and she’s completely emotionless. Her personality is the definition of an ugly cartoon character – unattractive, angry, and selfish. Though she isn’t the cutest, Olive Oyl is the most popular cartoon character today.

Known as Olive Oyl, the fictional character from the popular animated series The Incredibles, Olive has long, spiky hair and big eyes. While Olive is not quite as ugly as Wile E. Coyote, she does have the same self-destructive temper. She’s more obnoxious and self-destructive than Wile E. Coyote, and her ugly appearance is the main reason why she’s considered one of the Top Ugly Cartoon Characters of all time.

Rocky and Bullwinkle

The names of two cartoons, Rocky and Bullwinkle, suggest the reason why they fight. While the cartoons themselves are Ugly Cartoon Characters, their caustic humor and excellent writing have made them among the most beloved and well-liked cartoons. The series is also known as Rocky and His Friends. While Rocky and Bullwinkle are not attractive at all, they are considered the best in the animated television world.

A wildly ugly man who is both a cheese pillager and a mad scientist, Dr. Two Brains embodies the characters’ personalities in a hilarious way. The show revolves around a crime that Dr. Two Brains commits – stealing cheese. Rocky and Bullwinkle are also one of the most memorable Ugly Cartoon Characters ever made.

Mrs. McCormick

If you’re looking for a classic example of an Ugly Cartoon Characters, look no further than Mrs. McCormick from South Park. Her mullet-inspired hair and lime green trailer-park tee make her look utterly hideous. Even worse, her genes make her even more unattractive. Read on to find out what makes her so unappealing.

Olive Oyl, who was originally based on the characters from the Disney-produced Ren & Stimpy, is another abomination. A good-natured, yet Ugly Cartoon Characters, she wears weird clothes to make everyone’s attention go wild. Her eyes are large and long, and she has a unique hairstyle. Though she’s cute and funny, her brain is useless. She’s self-centered and easily annoyed.

Unbeatable Scapegoat

In this year’s Top 10 list of most aesthetically Ugly Cartoon Characters, Dr. Two Brains makes an appearance. This manic mad scientist is an anti-hero with an eccentric personality and a penchant for stealing cheese. He can transform into any type of building, including buildings in his path to the cheese he desires. However, despite his bizarre appearance, he’s an unbeatable scapegoat who has no equal in the world of cartoons.

Another character that made the Top 10 list is the villainous Cruella De Vil, a witch with a snake staff that can turn people into stone. His big, scary eyes and attitude are both enough to give him the title of “Ugly Cartoon Character.”

Bowing Waist and Rotten Teeth

If you are looking for the top Ugly Cartoon Characters of the year 2022, look no further than Gargamel! This cowardly character has a bowing waist and rotten teeth. Not only is he ugliest of all, but he’s also the most powerful. Gargamel has the perfect blend of ugliness and power, and is a fun gift for any gargamel fan!


Whether it’s Edna Mode or Gargamel, we have all seen them at some point. Edna Mode aims to look fashionable at all times. The goal is to get everyone’s attention, so she tries to look attractive. Gargamel is a cartoon character who has a small sag and decayed teeth, but is the most effective. He can seduce anyone and take it away.


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