Tips For Improving the Hiring Process in Your Small Business

Tips For Improving the Hiring Process in Your Small Business

Are you looking for quality candidates for your company? Someone who is aligned with your mission and values, and would be an asset to the team?

The hiring process can be complex, from fine tuning job descriptions to knowing what to ask in an interview.

There are ways to make this process more efficient so you can hire the right candidates with more ease.

Get Organized

First and foremost, have a finite way to track and evaluate candidates, You may want to take a look at ATS software, or an applicant tracking system.

Keeping track of multiple candidates can be daunting. Organizing how you handle their information and the steps of the hiring process can save you a lot of time – and headaches – in the end.

Refresh You Careers Page

Your careers page will be the first place potential employees go to discern if a job listing, and your company, is right for them.

This page can not only include what is currently open, but also your business’s mission statement and core values. Consider asking employees for testimonials, as these references from active workers can add a personal touch for those seeking employment.

You want to make your careers page a one-stop shop for any question a candidate might have, as well as a page that differentiates you from other businesses in your industry that are hiring.

Vary Your Interview Questions

Your candidate has gone through the process and is now on to an in-person interview. How do you best utilize this time with them to assess if they fit the position?

Think about the norm when it comes to the questions you want to ask, and consider what facets of their skill set and personality you want to test.

Ask questions that are easy to research to see if they are good in the way of preparation, such as, “Can you tell us what you know about our company?”

Ask open-ended questions that facilitate conversation when looking at a candidate’s critical thinking.

Give queries in the form of directions to test for good listening and communication skills. You may ask the candidate to teach you about something they consider themselves to be an expert in, and do it as if you know nothing about the subject to see how they best relay information.

Involve Your Employees

Including current employees in things like panel interviews can be very helpful, and make way for deeper feedback on a person.

It not only helps your team see who the candidate is, but the candidate see who the team is and how they work together.

Such personal, thoughtful interaction could be a push in the right direction if a candidate is entertaining multiple job offers and yours is one of them.

Ask to Be Interviewed Back

Encourage your potential talent to turn it around on you and ask you questions that are important to them.

This will help you evaluate what they feel is important for themselves as a potential employee, and where their interests lie professionally. 


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