Tips for a Happy Long Distance Relationship

Tips for a Happy Long Distance Relationship

Every relationship is special. When a special person steps in your life, it feels that everything has changed. You start liking things that you never did. Love is like that, it changes the person for their betterment. It always feels like a butterfly in the stomach, and this feeling is worth living. 

Getting into a relationship is easy, but dealing with it and trying to sustain it for a longer period of time is not everyone’s cup of tea. Initially, it feels like a fairy tale, and everything seems perfect. But as soon as the relationship starts getting older, the charm and romance starts to fade out. This becomes even more difficult when it is a long-distance relationship. 

Staying away from your partner is not that easy. You start missing those romantic dates, evening walks, and dinner nights, etc. Those cuddles, hugs are even more missed than dates. At times it feels lonely, or it feels like crying when you have a really bad day at work, but there is no one to calm you down. This feeling is even worse. There are more struggles than what I have mentioned above in a long-distance relationship. There can be trust issues, communication gaps, different timings and what not. All this might lead to a break-up or misunderstanding, which is not good for a healthy relationship. 

I am not saying that only long-distance relationships have struggles. Every relationship has their own set of struggles and challenges. But long-distance relationships are more difficult to handle as two people are away from each other. This creates a major change. Most people give-up at this stage. But giving up is not the solution. It is easy to raise your hand and step back, but it is difficult to stay and deal with it. 

All of this can be handled with patience, trust, understanding and compassion. If you are into a long-distance relationship or are going to step into this, here is a list of a few tips that you can follow to make your relationship stronger and everlasting. 

Quality communication-

Communication is the key to all the problems. Having quality communication is very important to sustain and build a relationship. It works with all relationships, not just in the case of partners. It becomes even more essential in a long-distance relationship when you are far away and not able to see each other daily. To have a quality communication with your partner, you can set a particular time when you both are free and no one is there to distract you. Give that time only to your partner so that you can build trust in each other. It is not important how much time you give, but the quality is important. It is not necessary that you talk for hours to compensate for the distance between you. Having even 5 minutes of effective communication can be very helpful in building up a healthy bond. 


Whether you live together or are far away from each other, trust is the first step in any relationship. If you and your partner don’t trust each other, then misunderstanding will definitely start blooming. So before stepping into any relationship, especially in a long-distance one, make sure you are strong enough to trust the other person. Don’t start to feel over-possessive and over-protective. Let the other person have their space. Don’t be investigative about everything and build up situations that are never going to happen. Think positive and stay happy. Because if you surround yourself with negative thoughts, you will ultimately fall out of love. 

Be compassionate-

Compassion is a great emotional skill that everyone should possess. One must be compassionate towards others whether you are in a relationship or not. Compassion is an art of showing care and understanding towards others’ feelings and problems. When you are in a long-distance relationship, it becomes even more important. Because you are far from each other, and there can be times when you feel lonely, too much pressure, or it can be anything. So try to be compassionate towards each other. Listen to your partner, and instead of giving instant reactions, try to understand their situation and also, rather than forcing them to take your advice, try to give suggestions. Because advice doesn’t seem convincing, and it feels like an indirect imposition of thoughts. But suggestions are taken into consideration and are appreciated because they seem like friendly advice, not an imposition of thoughts. 

Surprise each other-

Who doesn’t love surprises? Being in a long-distance relationship is full of surprises because you don’t even know what will happen next in your journey. But these situational surprises are not under our control. All we can do is to deal with them smartly. People feel more love when they receive surprise gifts y such as personalized beef jerky especially on Valentine’s Day.

Apart from this, you can try to surprise your partner with gifts, chocolates, flowers etc. not only on special occasions but also randomly. These things keep the romance and charm alive in the relationship. You will never feel boredom in your relationships if you surprise each other occasionally. These days sending gifts has become much easier than before. With online delivery services available, you can send gifts and flowers online too. 

Occasional meetings-

The major thing that is lacking in a long-distance relationship is being able to touch and feel each other. And it is not even possible to meet every time. So you can plan a particular day of meeting when you both are available for each other and can spend quality time together. Plan these things in advance because it can happen that when you are free and want to meet your partner, your partner is not available for this. These things can create misunderstandings. Be open and practical. Meeting occasionally will be exciting for both of you, and you will be able to reignite the passion in your love. You can send gifts and cake online to India from the UK via online delivery services. 

Relationships are the alliances that need respect, care and understanding and lots of trust. Think positive and be happy. Give each other space and shower your partner with love. Nothing can break your relationship if you take the pledge to make it work. I hope you liked and found the article helpful. 


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