This is why a hedge trimmer is your best garden buddy 

This is why a hedge trimmer is your best garden buddy 

Garden work is rewarding, but also quite exhausting at the best of times – especially with more repetitive and monotonous tasks that repeat themselves in predictable intervals. It’s also tempting to let your garden run wild in the winter months, while you stay warm inside – the cold weather can be especially tough on your garden, body and motivation.

Fortunately, plenty of electrical tools are available to shorten the amount of time and energy used on gardening tasks. A cordless hedge trimmer is a multi-use tool that can do several jobs around the garden not only in way shorter time, but also with less energy used on your end. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tasks it can help you out with. 


A hedge trimmer can cut through smaller branches and trim your hedges or shrubs into shape. However, most hedge trimmers are not powerful enough to slice through thicker branches on larger trees or shrubs. You could damage your hedge trimmer and potentially injure yourself by attempting to cut these branches – so make sure beforehand, what the trimmer you want to get is capable of! 


Weeds are a gardener’s worst enemy. They can quickly turn a perfect garden into an overgrown one. You need to stay on top of the weeds in your garden – and a hedge trimmer can help you do it. You can cut foliage you don’t need and slice through larger weeds. But for the pesky smaller weeds, it’s best to use a brush to comb them out of the lawn. Or, pluck them out with your hands and gardening gloves, if you want.


Use a hedge trimmer to cut large areas of your lawn without going over the same spot twice. This is particularly effective for tall grass in a meadow or overgrown garden. You will probably find a few finer branches hidden among the grass as well. You can slice through everything and clear the garden in no time at all. Just make sure to watch out for any rocks or thicker branches that could break your trimmer. Use a lawn mower to finish the lawn and a strimmer to tidy up the edges. 


Your hedge trimmer can tackle smaller patches of brambles and trim them down. It’s easy to get caught in a tangle of brambles, even with a hedge trimmer by your side. Stick to one patch at a time and clear it once you’ve cut through everything. Your hedge trimmer needs to be sharp and powerful to get through all the brambles. 

Power tools can make gardening much easier. You can transform your outdoor space with a range of power tools or stay on top of maintenance jobs all year round. Power tools come with a number of risks that need to be managed through proper safety precautions. Before operating a power tool, always read the safety manual, and wear the appropriate protective gear. 

Get yourself a hedge trimmer this year, and turn your garden into an outdoor oasis.


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