The Top Xresolve Competitors & Alternatives Sites In 2022

XResolve is an online blacklist that lists players who are banned from playing certain online games. The blacklist is regularly updated and does not wipe data from competitors. To get off the blacklist, players should contact the xResolver website. In order to access the site, they must first sign up for a free account.

XResolver Database Service

As the name suggests, xResolver is a database service Xresolve that records gamertags, IP addresses, and other details. This information is made available publicly, and can be very harmful to online gamers. For example, the octosniff tool advertised on the xResolver website can be used to find out IP addresses of other users who are participating in p2p games or xbox live parties. This information can be used by morons to ddos people offline.

xResolver is a powerful tool that can help you track your opponent and find out personal information. The IP lookup function is one of its most valuable features. It can pinpoint your opponent’s location and even their IP address. The service also lets you track down your opponent’s online identity and protect yourself from malicious actors.

Plenty User Guides

xResolver is free to use and comes with plenty of user Xresolve guides and setup instructions. The tool can be used offline or online. Other alternative sites include Bootyou, an IP logging website that works with your browser. While Bootyou requires a premium subscription to track a person’s IP address, its user portal is easy to navigate.

If you are looking for a quality alternative to xResolve, you will be pleased to know that there are a few out there. However, you will want to make sure that the alternative you choose is malware-proof. Below, we will take a look at some of the top alternatives and competitors to xResolve.

Xbox Resolver Free Tool

Xbox Resolver is a free tool that extracts IP addresses from Xbox Gamertags. Its interface is simple to use and works with most browsers. It also has the advantage of being free and open source. The best part is that it also works with other game consoles. You can use Xboxresolver to view, download, and share game DVR content. The website will even tell you about your gamertag’s IP address and location.

xResolver uses bots to scrape data and convert gamertags into IP addresses. By doing this, xResolver keeps gamers’ usernames safe from hackers. As a result, xResolver is useful for gamers looking to hide their identity. The software also keeps track of IP addresses and Gamertags so that they cannot be easily hacked.

Web Based Service

WebResolver is a web-based service that resolves internet problems. It uses Skype to snag IP addresses and geolocation details and is SSL certified, which means it’s secure. The website also has a money back guarantee. The service is also available for email and database issues. Users can pay by PayPal or Bitcoin. The minimum payment is $8 per week.

There are several alternatives to WebResolver, and many of them are free. Bootyou, for example, offers PSN and Skype resolving. It also has geolocation lookup and IP ping, and supports conventional and cryptocurrency payment options. It has over 2,000 daily visitors and offers a helpful customer support team.

Variety Tools & Consoles

FastResolver is another popular IP sniffer. It works for both PS4 and XBox games. Its multi-threaded technology allows it to resolve multiple IPs at once, making it an ideal tool for a variety of different purposes. In particular, the service can be used by hackers and online gamers to find out information about their opponents. It’s also compatible with a variety of tools and consoles.

Lanc-Remastered is a great place to boost your games online. It uses a resolve platform to track gamertags and IP addresses from any county. It also uses the best Xbox resolver online to match your Gamertag to an IP address. Its resolve platform is also compatible with PSN and PC.

Last Words:

Lanc Remastered is an open source network packet analyzer and sniffer for Xbox and Playstation 4. It’s an open source network for packet analysis that keeps track of IP addresses, geolocation, and ISP for every connection. It’s also customizable so you can change the source and port numbers. It has been in existence since 2010, and it’s been receiving updates to keep up with new features and improvements read more.

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