The Justin Goldsby Sentenced to 25 years in Prison For killing

Justin Goldsby

The Washington State Penitentiary has sentenced the justin Goldsby to 25 years in prison for the murder of his younger sister. State investigators say the incident happened at the Airway Heights Corrections Center last year. The younger sister was still a minor at the time of the murder.

Patrol Investigation Determined

A Washington State Patrol investigation determined that the corrections staff had followed all protocol and there was no evidence that the two men had any conflict of interest. In addition, there was no evidence that either Goldsby nor Munger had tried to escape from their cells. Furthermore, a witness to the initial interactions between the two men said that the two men were talking about Goldsby’s mother and that he did not attempt to transfer them from the cells.

Goldsby was already serving time for the police chase in 2017, when he killed Munger. He also raped Munger’s younger sister. In the aftermath of his crime, he apologized to Munger’s family and said that he had only intended to hurt him. However, he was already serving a lengthy sentence for stealing a state trooper’s car, and he was injured during the chase.

Corrections Center in Spokane County

The two men met at Airway Heights Corrections Center in Spokane County, Washington. They secretly snuck up on Munger in the common area, where they beat him unconscious. He was later pronounced dead in a hospital. Police are investigating the motives for the murders, but Goldsby has apologized to Munger’s family.

The Washington State Patrol found no evidence of any involvement by prison staff in the murder of Shane Goldsby’s sister, Samantha Munger, at the state prison in Seattle. Moreover, the investigation found that corrections officers did not know about the relationship between Goldsby and Munger before the attack. This contradicts Goldsby’s claims that she had warned the staff about Munger. It also found that the department of corrections did not arrange the two inmates to share a cell until after the incident.

Injuring a State Trooper

Shane Goldsby pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in June. The murder took place when the sister and the older man met in an alleged drug deal in San Francisco. They had known each other for several years. Shane had been serving a sentence for stealing a police car in 2017 and injuring a state trooper during the chase.

Goldsby was too emotional to read an apology at his sentencing, so his lawyer read it for him. Goldsby was abused by a drug-addicted mother, and he had lived in 10 foster homes before he was rescued by child services. He later reconnected with his mother and began using drugs with her. By the time Goldsby was 22, he was already in prison. He was initially placed in an intensive management unit but was transferred to the Airway Heights corrections facility.

Victoria Lynn Blumhorst

Goldsby’s sentence was handed down today, but he wasn’t able to read it because of the emotions he was experiencing. Instead, his lawyer, Victoria Lynn Blumhorst, read it. She said that Goldsby had been abused by his drug-addicted mother, who put him in 10 foster homes. Later, Goldsby reunited with his mother, and the two started taking drugs. By the age of 22, Goldsby was already in prison, in an intensive management unit. He was then transferred to Airway Heights prison.

Lengthy Criminal History

Justin Goldsby has a lengthy criminal history. she was previously convicted of several crimes, including rape and molestation. He spent years in foster care and in jail. He was previously arrested for raping another girl and stabbing someone. After his conviction, Goldsby was transferred to an Airway Heights prison in Washington state.

Goldsby had more than 20 altercations with correctional officers. During the investigation, the Washington State Patrol found that there was little the prison staff could have done to prevent the incident. The two men had different last names, which made it difficult for correctional officers to suspect them of knowing each other. According to the Washington State Department of Corrections, the case was a complex one. The department of Corrections hopes that Goldsby will be able to reform after prison.

Last Words:

Shane Goldsby’s rage over sharing a cell with a man who raped his sister may have contributed to his violent behavior in prison. He beat Munger unconscious from behind. Munger was convicted in December of child rape, child molestation, and possession of child pornography. He and Goldsby were sent to the same corrections facility because they both lived in the same county. Goldsby’s violent behavior was captured on CCTV footage. He was seen punching, kicking, and stomping on Munger’s head. He confessed to the crime after the incident read more.


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