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Optus SMS Gateway

The history of the Optus SMS service is quite fascinating. The company initially operated under Optus Communications Pty Limited, which later changed to Optus SMS Gateway. This company was initially formed in 1981 by the Government-owned AUSSAT Pty Limited. The satellites were initially used for military satellite communications but were later used to provide television services to outback communities. The company was established to compete with Telecom Australia, struggling to compete with the government’s monopoly.

Lotus Notes & MS Outlook

The history of the Optus SMS gateway can be traced back to the 1990s. Initially, it was developed to improve the functionality of Lotus Notes and MS Outlook. It enabled users to send SMS directly from their email accounts and receive replies to their email inbox. With a messaging API, the company maintained its traditional look and feel and integrated seamlessly with many of these programs. The message routing is easy and intuitive, and it works with most of the Outlook and Lotus Notes features.

In addition to its SMS capabilities, the Optus SMS Gateway was also able to monitor critical services and network components. For example, it monitored internet connectivity, the Optus/redcoat VPN, and disk space. It monitored mail servers and SOAP servers, and it provided help to IT managers. Ultimately, it made business sense to offer a messaging API to its customers. Fortunately, this technology is now available to all businesses, including those that use it for communication.

Australian Market

The history of the Optus SMS gateway is quite interesting. The company has a long and distinguished history in the Australian market. In addition to enhancing the functionality of MS Outlook, Optus also offers a solution to the challenges of LTE in Australia. It allows users to send SMS directly to their mobile phones and receive replies to their inbox and integrates seamlessly with many other software features.

Earlier, the company was known as AUSSAT. Its long-distance calling rates were determined by dialing ‘1’ before the area code and phone number. In addition to this, AUSSAT had a ballot process to select a default carrier. In the meantime, Optus was the default carrier. It offered customers of the service to choose a preferred carrier. The company had a very long history, but its services were limited to a few types of numbers in the early days.

Variety of Products

The Optus SMS service provides SMS services to businesses in Australia. The company’s website also offers support for many of these services. It also has a variety of other products, including a messaging API for Lotus Notes and MS Outlook. Apart from being an efficient SMS solution, the system is highly integrated with Microsoft Outlook and other software. In fact, the entire process of SMS can be tracked through a diagram.

Optus SMS has a rich history. It is the first SMS gateway in Australia. Since then, it has helped businesses connect to the network. Its products can be easily installed on various platforms. For example, Optus SMS is compatible with Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, and Lotus Notes. Moreover, it supports the SMTP protocol and the SIPv2 standard. As such, it can also integrate with various applications.

Telstra Customers

Before the Optus SMS Gateway was released, it was only available to Telstra customers. After a while, other carriers stepped in and offered their services. The company had a wide range of products that included long-distance calls. The company renamed itself Optus. The service provided in Lotus Notes was very similar to the former, except it was a bit more expensive.


The Optus SMS gateway enhanced the functionality of Lotus Notes and MS Outlook. It enabled customers to send and receive SMS messages and get replies. It maintained a consistent look and feel. It integrates well with the software and assists IT, managers. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to send and receive messages from Optus. A simple web interface was also implemented. Its SMS server supports both the SMPP and the IPSEC VPN read more.


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