The Criminal History of Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby has been in the news for his criminal past. He has a history of rape and child abuse. He was convicted in December of raping a woman and stabbing a second girl. His also has child pornography on his computer. The information came out during his court case. Goldsby was transferred to the Airway Heights Correctional Center after being found guilty.

Biological Mother

Goldsby’s life was marked by abuse and neglect. As a child, he spent years in foster homes. Eventually, he was adopted by a family. He later reunited with his biological mother, but his life took a dark turn due to drug abuse. His was hospitalized for a drug overdose and eventually ended up in jail. His was later convicted of murder and rape. After his release, he apologized to the victims and his family.

Goldsby has a long criminal history and has been in and out of prison multiple times. In prison, he has pleaded guilty to numerous violent crimes, including rape and assault. He was also convicted of abusing a correctional officer. He is set to be transferred to an adult prison in June. Goldsby claims he did not intend to harm Munger. He says he did not know him until they got into the car.

Victims & Apologized

The relationship between Justin Goldsby and Niecko Goldsby is complicated. Both of them have histories of violent crimes, and their biological mother was a drug addict. The pair spent time in prison together and were separated when they were younger. After the crimes, they were sentenced to over three years in prison. Justin Goldsby has since apologized to the victims and apologized to the families.

Miles Donelson Goldsby

Justin Goldsby’s criminal record is extensive. He was raised in foster homes and abused by his foster mother. After his adoption, he reunited with his biological mother and he began to use drugs. When he was finally found guilty of murdering Michael Munger, he apologized to his victims’ family and transferred to a state prison in Washington state.

While the family of the victims has expressed their condolences, the family of Justin Goldsby claims the murder was unrelated. The family said Goldsby shared a prison cell with Michael Munger, and the two had at least 20 fights. They hope that Justin Goldsby will be released soon. Upon his release, Goldsby must pay restitution to the victims’ families.

Airway Heights Correctional Center

Goldsby’s family says that his crime was unrelated to the murder, but his history of crime suggests otherwise. He has committed over 20 violent crimes. He will be transferred to the Airway Heights Correctional Center in June. The family also says that Goldsby did not mean to hurt Munger. In fact, he did not even know his victim until they were in the car.

Robert Munger

The murder of Robert Munger, a prison inmate in Washington, has been linked to two inmates, one of whom was inmate number 1494. Both men were incarcerated at the Airway Heights Correctional Center in Spokane, Washington, and had a history of violent crimes and fights with correctional officers. After being placed in the same cell, the two men developed a relationship. Although the relationship wasn’t screened by prison screeners, the two men continued to hang out. The two men eventually met at a different correctional facility. When they met, Goldsby beat Munger unconscious and punched him at least fourteen times. The attack was caught on video, and both men later apologized to the victim’s family.

Shane Goldsby, who was jailed in 2017, was placed in the same cell with Robert Munger, a paedophile who had previously been sentenced to 43 years in prison. In the cell, Shane Goldsby became convinced that Munger had raped his sister and told the other inmate about it. He then snapped and beat Munger unconscious, causing him to die from his injuries three days later.

Miles Donelson Goldsby Jr.

Goldsby was born to a drug-addicted mother and spent his early years in foster care. During this time, he was abused by his foster parents and eventually ended up in prison for rape and attempted murder. When he was released, he was reunited with his mother. However, the relationship did not last. He was later transferred to Airway Heights prison for a period of time.

Miles Donelson Goldsby Jr was born in January 1921. He was adopted and later reunited with his birth mother. His birth mother, Rebecca Bentley Goldsby, was a drug addict. Miles was placed in foster care at age 10 when child services took him away from his drug-addicted mother. Although he reunited with his mother at age 22, he continued to use drugs with her.

Final Words:

While Justin Goldsby family said he did not mean to hurt Munger, he has a lengthy criminal past, having committed more than twenty violent crimes and been transferred to different facilities. In addition to being convicted of rape, Goldsby was also convicted of sexual assault. Despite this criminal history, his family maintains that he did not intend to harm Munger and did not know him until they got into a car together.


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