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With the development of internet and broadband,  Korea has made a significant breakthrough when publishing their Webtoon branded comics.  Webtoon is a new genre aka internet comics, it publishes from Korean manga series (manhwa), and is considered a special case in the already aging and competitive global comic market.  acrimonious.  The rise of Gen Z Internet users and digital cultural consumption has facilitated the growth of the platform for webtoons and their production on a global scale.  In addition, the popularity of Korean dramas such as Itewon Class, Squid Game, and K-pop such as Black Pink, Bts has fueled the spread of webtoon in the countries receiving the drama and K-pop.  This study discusses the characteristics of Korean webtoons and their development using the concept of comics in the global economy.  The culture when producing webtoons is the combined result of globalization, the combination of local and global characteristics, and the transnational popularity and demand of webtoon content.  Attractive content such as True Beauty, My stepmom, my sweet home,… with such outstanding momentum can be seen as consuming power and creating new forms of popular culture in the next countries.  receive Korean webtoon products.  The article argues that the webtoon should also be understood as an exemplary representation of Korean culture, representing the cultural and social characteristics of contemporary Korea, and having an impact on the industry.  global comics in the digital age.

Regardless of your generation, you probably know the importance and popularity of Cartoon and Comics in your life. It can be seen that people’s demand for reading Manhwa is increasing and they also require more convenience in reading. So many applications to read Manhwa were born to meet that need. Below, I will introduce you to a few outstanding applications for you to read Manhwa:


    Manhwa  is a completely free application, and is available on Android. Manhwa has a friendly interface and is extremely easy to use. However, Manhwa still has a few ads that can annoy users. However, to completely remove ads you need a paid subscription.


    Read Manhwa is no longer a strange name for Manhwa webtoons. To read webtoons, you can register for a free account, but the number of stories that can be accessed is still limited. Manytoon offers a lot of interesting genres that you can read. However, the interface of  Manytoon is not really user-friendly.

  1. provides readers with over 15000 amazing webtoons. If you like reading Manhwa in English, then is for you because the Manhwa here are all translated into English. Although sometimes still has errors, generally when using, you will have access to a large Manhwa community site.


    Read webtoon is known as one of the best Manhwa reading apps for Android. updates new story chapters continuously to meet the reading needs of users. READWEBTOON has a friendly interface that is easy to use, users will not have any difficulty when using it.

  1. is a quite famous manhwa application, known by many people. Freecomiconline offers a huge number of manhwa, manhua, webtoons, up to more than 100000 attractive titles. meets all the needs of users. However, limits the location to use, so you need to use a VPN to access.


    Best webtoons has a very user-friendly interface, not only that, this interface is aesthetically pleasing and quite attractive. Best webtoons offers a great offline reading mode. In addition, at Best webtoons, you can access a huge treasure trove of up to 40000 great webtoons.

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