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Should you pack food items when moving a house?

One of the common questions that people relocating to a new house ask is whether or not they can pack their food items for the moving truck. Well, food is a perishable goods that can go bad during transit. Moreover, it can damage other items in the back of the truck which means additional damage to your valuable goods. While leading long distance moving companies at Moving Apt can assist you highly, even they cannot guarantee safe transportation of your perishable goods. 

Offering your food supplies to your neighbours seems feasible but then again, some neighbours would find it a little desperate and disrespectful. But you don’t want to waste food, do you?

Offering you a great solution, we have come up with these steps of action that you can combine to ensure zero food wastage and make the best use of the food supplies. Following is a seven-step plan that smart people usually take up while moving to a new house with food supplies packed in the boxes.

Step 1: Creating an inventory list

Make sure you make a category list of all the food items that you have in your food supply. This may include all your food from the pantry and the refrigerator. You can make a category list of all the food items and divide them into various subcategories like perishable goods, non-perishable goods, dairy products, canned foods, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Creating such a list will help you make a plan on how to safely move the food to your new house.

Step 2-Calculation of food that can be taken to the new house.

By following a logical step of dividing the food items into three parts you can find the best way to use all the food. You can either share them with your neighbours or donate them or you can take them to your new house. 

If you have a week left to move out, you can start using the food supplies in the house to make better recipes. You can insist your family members on making new recipes from the food available. This way you will not have to buy something new and your extra food will also reduce to a lower amount. If you think that still there will be much food left you can throw a farewell party and use the extra food that is left in the refrigerator.

Step 3- Packing the food items for your new house.

People usually carry certain food items to their new homes. You must categorize this food into different carry bags, bottles, or Ziploc bags and use them in your new house. It is recommended to use bubble wrap the delicate items and carry them to their new place. You can use this bubble wrapping idea for your glassware, and this way you will save money from buying these repeated items.

Step 4: Donate as many perishable items as possible.

If you have collected a lot of wheat, pasta, rice, nuts, etc. you can donate them to the local food banks or your neighbours. You have to ensure that these goods are not expired. You can pack them up in a small box and send them to your local food bank or you can box them up and give it to your moving company who can then deliver them to your new home as these items can be transported easily.

Step 5: Carefully choose things that you have to throw away or recycled.

If there have enough leftovers or food that have expired you need to pack it before throwing it away. Also do not forget that glass containers, and certain carry bags can be recycled. You can give them for recycling and save a lot of your storage and also healthy environment by making this sustainable move.

Step 6: Do not forget to make food for your moving day.

In the above steps, it has been discussed how to save your food before the moving day. But you need to ensure that there is some food left for your final moving day. You can include some recipes like sandwiches or certain snacks or drinks that use up your extra food items from the refrigerator. You might be excited about your relocation task but be aware that it is a very exhaustive task and you will require food items to be energetic. In case you have pets, you need to keep food for them. Also do not forget to keep hydrated and carry some bottled water for you and your family members.

Step 7: Label the food items that you have kept in the glass in the cardboard containers

Ensure that you are labelling the food items that are kept in certain cardboard. This will help you easily unpack the food items. It will be quite hectic for you to search for a jar of jam and piled up cardboard without labelling them

Follow these steps and you can ensure that you have safely transported what food supplies can be loaded on the moving truck. 

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