Residential Locksmith: Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from a Burglary

Residential Locksmith: Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from a Burglary

Residential locksmiths are usually called upon when a consumer’s house or business needs security enhancements, rekey service, or lock replacement to fix faulty locks.

There is no greater sense of security for many people than the safety of having their own home.

The feeling of knowing that you can come back to your home after a long day at work and feel safe in your personal space cannot be matched by even the fanciest hotel suite.

Unfortunately, this sense of comfort can quickly turn into fear when you know that your home is not as secure as it once was.

Many of the most common methods for keeping your home secure are incredibly simple to put in place, and they can make a world of difference when it comes to feeling safe. Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from a Burglary:

  • Installation of High-Quality Locks:

If you have a budget for home security, invest in high-quality locks. Cheap locks may be easy to install, but they also break easily and can be pried open by a burglar’s tools.

Some burglars even carry a fake key with them so that if the lock proves impossible to crack, they can pretend that they’re the owner. 

High-quality locks are built to last and have features that deter thieves from tampering with them.

  • Ask Residential Locksmith to Install Deadbolts:

A deadbolt is an integral part of a security system, and it can’t be installed without the expertise of a professional locksmith.

Many homeowners end up calling their local locksmith because they realize that they don’t have this kind of lock.

While there are many types of deadbolts, it is best to have a locksmith help you decide since there are specific deadbolts for different doors and home security requirements.

  • Replace Doorknobs with Door Handles

A doorknob might be convenient for quick exits, but they can also be easy entry points for burglars if they’re not installed correctly.

To prevent this, you should consider replacing doorknobs with door handles designed to be difficult to open by breaking them off.

  • Get a Peephole on Your Door

While it might be easy for someone to come up with a fake story that they’re a friend or relative, you can still see who’s at your door.

To do that, you should install a peephole- this allows you to peek through the keyhole without opening the door wide open for everyone to see.

  • Install Keyless entry system

Keyless entry systems don’t give burglars an easy opportunity by using a key to open your front door.

A keyless entry system puts you in charge of when you want people to enter your home- instead of requiring you to fumble with keys, all they have to do is press their finger against the lock for it to recognize them.

  • Get an Electronic smart lock:

A lock can be opened and closed electronically, cutting down the need for keys. It makes it possible to give other people access to your home while keeping burglars out.

The advantage of this kind of lock install is that you can quickly provide temporary access without bothering to make copies of multiple sets of keys or worry about keeping track of them.

  • Get a keypad installed

It is prevalent for burglars to break open locks with brute force- so if your home security system only depends on a lock, you’re putting yourself at risk.

When a keypad install right next to the door, it can help prevent burglary by requiring burglars to punch in a code and gain access before they attempt to break it down.

  • Rekey your house lock:

As soon as you move into a new house, immediately contact your residential locksmith for house rekey service.

If the previous owners still have keys, they can give these to a burglar and allow them to walk right in, so getting a professional locksmith to come over for a quick security check is an easy decision.

  • Get Your Home Security System Professionally Installed

A security system has more to it than just a lock, so you must have the experts install the entire thing.

Be sure to consult your residential locksmith about what kind of security system works best in your home so that you can protect yourself as much as possible.

Get Professional Residential Locksmiths to Check Up on Your Home Every Few Months

No matter how strong your home security is, it only takes one weak link to fall apart- and that might be something simple like a lock that isn’t installed correctly or requires maintenance.

It is a good idea to consider the cost of a professional locksmith coming over a couple of times a year and checking up on your home security system.


If you feel unsafe in your own home, it may be time to call a locksmith. Residential locksmiths are usually called upon when a consumer’s house or business needs security enhancements.

There is no greater sense of safety for many people than the peace of mind that comes with having their residential property.

But if you need help securing your home from burglars, contact us today! We at 682 locksmith offer competitive rates on all our services – including residential locksmithing work.


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