Protecting vintage furniture when relocating!!!

Protecting vintage furniture when relocating!!!

Relocating vintage furniture items requires a lot of skills and expertise. Though hiring the best furniture movers is the best idea to keep the items protected and safe during relocation but if it is not possible then by using the tips from experts, you can protect these. If you don’t take proper precautions then the fragile parts can get damaged, upholstery can be ripped and the glass elements present there can break. So be sure, you pay full attention at every phase of the move when dealing with the valuable vintage furniture. Luckily there is certain tips and tricks present that can easily move the furniture items without causing any damage. If you want to know these tips then have a look at these: 

What you will need?

You will gather all the required supplies that can pack the items with complete safety. Collect all these items such as padding or microfibre cloth, packing paper or wrapping paper, bubble wrap, glassine, packing tape, furniture blankets, sturdy cardboard boxes, corner protectors, and so on. 

Prepare by cleaning 

The very first thing you have to do is to clean and secure these before packing. Make an inventory of all the items you want to relocate. You should also ensure the condition of the items so that after relocation, you can ensure that nothing gets damaged during transportation. To save the details, you should take quality photos of the items to ensure there is no damage or scratches present on items. 

Measure the furniture items and doorways and hallways of your new home 

Moving vintage furniture items means you need to invest loads of effort as well as time therefore it would be unfortunate if you find that the pieces do not fit through the doors of your new home. 

Consider hiring professional services 

you can find a range ofservices that are designed to protect your precious vintage furniture duringrelocation. Furniture Shipping services providers will carefully pack each piece of furniture so it won’t break or getdamaged during transit.

Usually, there are many furniture pieces present out there that require professional packing services. These require special tools and equipment to relocate safely and special training is required to move them. So, it is great to hire movers for it. 

Dissemble the huge items 

Large furniture can easily be dissembled. Packing and handling smaller pieces is easier than moving the entire piece at once. Disassemble as much as you can to lighten the load. The taken-out bolts and screws should be packed in the plastic bag in the same box in which you pack the large furniture. All the removable parts should be dissembled. 

If possible, then remove any glass elements present in these and pack these separately using lots of padding and bubble wrap. 

 Pack and pad vintage furniture 

Vintage furniture items can be fragile and some pieces are highly delicate therefore handling them with proper care becomes very important. 

First of all, you should select the right moving box that is not just sturdy but also of the same size as a furniture item to pack. The items packed inside the box should not get space to move around. Custom crating is also a superior way to protect valuable items. 

Wrap the items such as the credenza, and desk into the moving blankets or bubble wrap well because these items are more prone to get damage and scratching. 

Have a placement plan 

Before you lift the fragile packed boxes, it is great to have a plan where you will place them into the moving truck. Just like your floor plan of the new home is important to eliminate any confusion, in the same way, this is equally important. At the backend of the truck, you should create a wall of boxes at first and be sure they are properly sealed and there is no chance of slipping these boxes during transportation. Heavier boxes are the best idea with no fragile items inside. Then place the square furniture such as a dresser and be sure you provide enough cushion. Then place a blanket on the floor and load the mattresses so that these can be protected from dirt easily. You can also create your plan to load items but be careful and load the lighter and fragile item boxes later and on above the heavier ones. 

Bottom line!!!

Of course, the aging of such furniture items makes them highly valuable but that is also the reason why these require additional protection. So, use the above guide to transport these safely.  


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