Newtop Has a Line of Silicone Molds, and Most Are Cheap!

If you have been looking for a place to get silicone molds then there’s a place where you can get them at really at the best and cheapest prices. This amazing place is Newtop. They are a company that does custom silicone injection molding. They also provide services like custom silicone molds and silicone parts, making molds, and manufacturing molded parts. Besides, they consider themselves very inventive in all product design areas and have helped entrepreneurs get their ideas and products into the market. 

They have over 15 years of experience as silicone products manufacturer, providing the world with custom products that are made in China. No matter what kind of product you are looking for or needing, their engineers, that are very professional, with work with you to determine which one is the most suitable manufacturing method and part. 

If you’re wondering why you should choose them. Well, these are the reasons why you should choose them as your partners to bring your ideas to life. They have a high-level design team. Their design team has accumulated decades of experience in various and different fields and will be able to provide you with CAD digital model construction services that are very efficient. 

They also have a very reliable engineering FEA analysis. This means that through their FEA process, they will be able to conduct an evaluation and assessment of the feasibility of your project, as well as testing prototypes, optimize your plan of mass production and offer free technical consulting services too. 

Of course, they have in-house precision tools. This can support having flexible requirements for modifying the prototypes. This also helps you save the initial costs of your project as well as shorten the development time. They’ll also offer you a wide range of rapid molding methods, that will provide you with according to your own silicone rubber mold needs and characteristics. These include compression, extrusion, and injection molding.

They have a standardized quality system. Their fabric has an ISO 9001:2015 certification and all of their products have passed and achieved the CE, FDA, CPC, and many other certifications. The performance and product tolerances that their products offer, meet all the requirements, that’s a guarantee. 

And the best thing is that their services include added value, like sitting, post-curing, assembly, printing, laser marking, packaging, etc. You just tell them what you need and they’ll be responsible for helping you to realize them. 

You’ll find the best and also the most recent technologies you can find in liquid silicone rubber solutions industry. Their machines are constantly getting renewed to be on the top. As they believe that using the best technology allows them to offer you the best products too. 

With the highest technical capabilities, they can work and offer any piece of liquid silicone rubber or LSR, from micro pieces to larger ones. They customize all of their projects from 0 to meet all of the requirements of their clients. Allowing them to achieve the best results with the maximum value. 

And as was previously stated all of these amazing benefits from working all your liquid silicone rubber projects with them won’t make you break the bank. They’ll make sure you are only getting the best of the best and will be next to you along the whole process, giving you their technical, professional, and expert inputs, so the final result is the best one you can get. So, if you’re really looking for the best manufacturers, they should be your first choice, hands down. You won’t regret working with them and getting all these benefits


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