Need More Space In The House? Here’s How A Storage Unit Can Help You

<strong>Need More Space In The House? Here’s How A Storage Unit Can Help You</strong>

Some of your belongings may be too expensive to replace. Others may have been passed down through generations. An engagement ring, a statement necklace, photos, yearbooks, and baby clothes — things that bring up emotions and memories — are a few sentimental items you’re expected to keep. However, as a safe keeper of family heirlooms, you’re also entitled to the peace of mind you get when you know they are safe. 

If you live in Hong Kong, chances are that your home is not a house but a small apartment or a micro flat with the size of a parking space. Despite a slump in Hong Kong’s property market, finding and moving to a larger home isn’t always a straightforward solution to small space problems. Without an alternative storage option, your belongings will have nowhere to go if you have to move out of your old, cramped house before moving into the new, more spacious one. 

Compared to other options like renting spare closets in your neighbors’ homes or building a storage space in your present home, a storage unit is a cheaper and less stressful way to keep your things safe for as long as you like. Beyond the financial considerations, many Hong Kongese consider using storage units for various reasons. Here are the top five benefits. 

1. It solves storage problems in small spaces. 

Even if your home is bigger, by comparison, we are confident it’ll still be too compact to store everything you own. Hopefully, you’ve sorted out the ‘must keep’ from the ‘don’t need’ stuff. If so, even a mini storage unit is big enough to accommodate all the extra stuff and free up precious living space for a less stressful, clutter-free lifestyle. Thanks to SC Storage, you don’t have to feel upset about living in a house with too much stuff strewn around. Seasonal items like ski/snowboarding equipment, camping gear, and clothes can take up a lot of space in your small apartment. You can easily store all of them in an SC storage unit. 

2. It protects your things from environmental and household hazards. 

Perhaps you live in a neighborhood with relatively lower crime rates than in other parts of the city. Sure, your house will be safe from thieves and burglars, even if you’re away from home for months. 

Sun brings us beautiful skies and pleasant weather all year round. But the truth is, the temperature and humidity from sunlight entering your home through windows and doors can cause wooden closets and cupboards to become displaced. Rainwater leaking into the home can also seep into the woodwork. If left untreated, it can progress into nasty mold growth. Snow, however soft and fluffy, is heavy. If it gets settled in your roof gutters, it can destroy your house furnishings. Devastating home fires caused by damaged electrical wiring are all too common. When you’re not home to take preventative actions or do maintenance, hot or cold weather and safety hazards can cause considerable damage to your home and belongings. 

With an air-conditioned storage unit comes top-notch security provided by intruder-proof doors and locks, 24-hour CCTV footage, and an auto entrance system. Furthermore, the structure has built-in safeguards to put out fires and prevent their spread and keep water from flooding during a rainstorm. 

When traveling, it may be wise to temporarily keep your possessions in a storage unit to avoid theft and prevent damage resulting from fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other hazards common in a vacant home. 

3. It is convenient and flexible to use. 

Self-storage facilities are becoming increasingly common. For this reason, many now provide extended access hours, seven days a week. Each tenant is responsible for locking down their own space and keeping the key to the padlock at all times; the building has a security entry system, and customers share the key. You can access your belongings at your convenience. 

Leasing a storage facility is often a month-to-month commitment. When you no longer need the storage unit, you can typically cancel your rental agreement with as little as a few days or weeks’ notice.

You can reserve a unit over the phone or via email by placing a deposit. Some facilities also have a website with a dashboard for clients so that you can manage your rental online. 

4. It saves a lot of money. 

Whether you reserve a 10-foot mini unit with the dimensions of a small closet or an extra large unit with the capacity of a living room, the rent-per-square foot of a storage unit is a good bargain when compared with renting a second apartment or moving into a bigger home. 

No matter how big or small, with fewer square feet and no living amenities other than climate-controlled environment and surveillance cameras, a storage unit saves you a considerable amount of money. 

There could be times when you need to leave town for an extended period of time. If you’ve been keeping some of your stuff in a rented room or apartment, you may have to break your lease or find a new tenant. A storage unit will cost you far less than a rent or mortgage payment on a home you aren’t even living in. 

5. It’s perfect for temporary storage purposes. 

If you’re renovating or repainting your existing home, the last thing you need is dust and debris to settle on your carpets, furniture, and appliances. 

A storage unit comes in handy in such circumstances. When home improvements are underway, it’s often necessary to put some or all of the belongings in storage to make room for the workers and their equipment and prevent any damage to the household items. 

Once the work is complete, you can retrieve your stuff from storage and put everything back where it was before or rearrange your furnishings for a revamped interior design. 

Final Thoughts

A storage unit is a safe and cost-effective option for storing extra stuff for anyone running out of space. Likewise, it’s the only logical solution for anyone trying to give their home a minimalist look by moving items they don’t need for everyday use but wouldn’t want to part with entirely. 


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