Mercy Chooses Smart Square as Its Staff Scheduling Tool

Mercy Chooses Smart Square as Its Staff Scheduling Tool

Today, Mercy Health Care uses Smart Square to schedule appointments and communicate with clients. Smart Square is a digital appointment scheduling tool that is used in conjunction with the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). HMOs and PPO’s are preferred payment methods by health care providers. They both offer a wide range of benefits to their members including low-cost reimbursement options. One of the biggest benefits of using HMOs or PPOs is that they require patients to use their services when they are actually in need of healthcare. This helps the providers avoid having to turn away potential clients. Because they are taking too long to get an appointment.

Procedures & Check-ups

Patients often have trouble remembering to call back their own physicians when necessary. This is where third-party payments for medical services can come in handy. A good time management strategy will ensure that clients are able to keep track of their physicians. Visits and not miss any appointments. This enables them to get necessary treatment when they really need it. The staff schedules patients on the calendar so they know who to expect for certain procedures or check-ups.


It is often difficult to remember to take medication at a specific time. The HMO or PPO makes this easy by providing tracking of when medications should be taken. This also eliminates the possibility of forgetting to bring one’s insurance card with them when they visit the doctor. Clients can also be assured that their medications will be dispensed at the correct time as well as accurately.

Emergency Rooms

One of the most frustrating aspects of health care is having to deal with emergency rooms. It is important that patients have a sense of urgency in getting their appointment as quickly as possible. The Smart Square Mercy Login helps with this. It not only tells patients how much time they have until their appointment but how soon they must leave the location. This helps the staff keep up with their patient’s needs and is essential to the overall efficiency of their office.

This is especially useful for someone who may have an important meeting during the day. But does not wish to spend the extra time driving to and from their appointment. It also works well for people who are homesick and wish to make sure. They do not miss any days of work due to being ill. The Smart Timer will inform the patient of their appointment time. And where they will be going for their next visit. This makes it easier to avoid missed appointments which can significantly impact one’s health.

Health Maintenance Organization’s

Having access to the Health Maintenance Organization’s Smart Timer is also helpful for the nurses. Instead of manually entering each patient’s data manually, the Smart Assistant records all patients’ information. This will eliminate the need to manually input the data into the system, which has often led to human error. Since the system can automatically save data entered by the nurse, it saves time and avoids potential computer crashes which are often the cause of errors on the main computer.

The other opioid addiction treatment center option is an outpatient program. In this setting, the doctor treats the client for some time, either during the day or evening. Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) also follow this setup. The time commitment varies for each program, but both have the client return home each day. Outpatient programs offer a greater degree of flexibility and autonomy than inpatient programs.

Premium Version

Even new staff members can navigate the interface, which includes explaining how the system works to its different clients. The software is also available in various versions ranging from a basic version to a premium version. For those who need a higher degree of accuracy, or would like to input more detailed patient information, the premium version might be the best Smart Square. The higher-end version also allows the use of patient education modules and other tools. The most basic version is perfect for those working at the institution’s main clinic or for patients who only need occasional clinic visits.

Last Words:

The staff scheduling tool of Mercy Medical Center is not only beneficial to the staff, but it is also beneficial to the patients. Through the system, patients are able to schedule their appointments directly with the doctor without having to contact them. It gives them the ability to make sure that they can see the doctor when it is convenient for the magazinespure.


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