Labs 15m Series Pantera Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding

Labs 15m Series Pantera

Labs 15m Series Pantera has raised $15 million in Series A funding, and the company plans to expand into the world of financial services. The company plans to build a trading desk and have partnerships with large financial firms. The company also wants to offer a professional aggregation service.

Team & Infrastructure

The startup behind the decentralized exchange protocol, Pantera Labs, has raised $15 million in Series A funding from Labs 15m Series Pantera. This funding will help the startup expand globally and build its team and infrastructure. The company also plans to improve its decentralized exchange API.

The investment from Labs 15m Series Pantera will help the company build its global presence, create a trading desk for its ZRX token, and build an open source protocol for NFT swaps. Additionally, the company plans to expand its Matcha product, which aggregates liquidity from multiple DEXs.

Decentralized Exchange Platform & Protocol Provider

0x Labs is a decentralized exchange platform and protocol provider. This funding is expected to help the company build a scalable global mobile software company. Its team consists of veterans from leading technology companies and operates from offices in several continents. The team has made substantial technical contributions to the Ethereum protocol and the NFT token standard. The company also plans to expand its product offering by adding more users, enhancing its 0x API service, and adding more features.

Trading Desk Business

Labs 15m Series Pantera , the firm behind the decentralized exchange protocol and ZRX token, plans to expand its trading desk business worldwide. The company has recently raised $15 million in a Series A round led by Pantera Capital. With the funding, the company will expand its platform, add more intelligent features, and build an API. It will also continue to build out its team and expand its global reach. The company has already landed partnerships with large hedge funds and financial services companies.

Labs 15m Series Pantera has also invested in Mcsweeney Investment Company, a company with plans to use blockchain to build a decentralized exchange infrastructure. Mcsweeney’s team consists of former employees at leading companies and works remotely. The company has an open-source culture, and has made significant contributions to the Ethereum protocol. With this new funding, it plans to expand its Matcha product, which aggregates liquidity from multiple DEXs to offer customers the best price. It is also working on developing an API so that its services are more open-source and customizable.

Large Financial Firms

Labs 15m Series Pantera , which has raised $15 million in Series A funding, is expanding its platform for decentralized exchanges. It plans to launch a trading desk and professional aggregation service in addition to building out its API and matching protocol. This funding will also allow Pantera to expand its business to hedge funds and other financial institutions. The startup previously raised $11 million in a seed round led by Alphabet. It plans to extend its service to more markets by hiring more team members and expanding its marketing efforts.

Currently Recruiting New Employees

Pantera Capital has also invested in Arcade, a decentralized lending platform that uses NFTs as collateral. The company plans to expand internationally and build an API. It’s currently recruiting new employees to improve its platform and expand its legal team. Pantera has been a vocal advocate of Bitcoin and has predicted that a bull market could begin as early as September 2020. With the funding, Pantera plans to expand its global footprint and develop more decentralized products.

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Pantera, a major investor in the crypto space, has recently invested $15 million in 0x Labs, a startup behind the ZRX token and decentralized exchange protocol. The money will be used to further develop the company’s platform, hire additional team members, and expand its offerings across new markets. It will also be used to enhance its open-source protocol, which is aimed at increasing the volume of trades across different cryptocurrencies.

Final Words:

Pantera is also investing in Arcade, a decentralized lending platform that uses NFTs as collateral. The startup is currently hiring new staff to improve its platform and build out its legal team. It is also expanding its engineering team and expanding its infrastructure.


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