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KissAnime has been one of the top names in online anime and has long been one of the biggest visited websites on the Internet before being temporarily suspended. KissAnime has been right up there with torrent sites and other similar websites in terms of site popularity and traffic. It has always been among the first choice for fans to download anime movies and episodes. The site had some problems in the past, but they’ve gotten better with time. They continue to be at the top of every download site and even have a dedicated fan club.

Alternatives To Kissanime

There are alternatives to kissanime. Some people prefer to go the free route and use karaoke instead of kissanime. For some people, this is acceptable because they don’t really care about the Japanese cartoon industry or the original characters. For others though, this is not acceptable and they want the quality and originality that kissanime offers. If you’re in this category, there are still alternatives to downloading kissanime movies and episodes.

Download Movies

Downloading movies from kissanime sites isn’t the only option since there are alternatives to using karaoke as well. A couple of alternatives include silk browser and Meez. Both of these services work quite well and allow fans to download their favorite anime videos and episodes to their computer without any problems.

Ultimate Version

If you want the ultimate version of kissanime. You may want to go ahead and download both the silk browser version and the Meez version instead. These services work very well and are 100% free to download. You can download several hundred anime websites at once if you go with these two services.

Streaming sites and software

Streaming sites and software that stream in similar content to anime are a great alternative to downloading it. There are a few good services out there and one of them is troypoint. Troypoint is considered one of the best kissanime alternatives out there because of how easy it is to use and operate. With the streaming technology, you get to experience high quality sound effects as well as video streaming at the same time. Downloading is pretty easy, as well, and most people find it to be extremely convenient.

There is also the option of downloading the episodes of your favorite anime series and watching it straight through to the end at any time. You’ll definitely need a lot of bandwidth though if you want to download a lot of episodes. Most of these services offer unlimited bandwidth and the download speeds are usually pretty fast. Some services do have an application that will let you schedule when you want to watch your favorite shows. While these kissanime alternatives aren’t free. They are certainly some of the best anime online for free streaming options out there.

Try VPN 

If you have been looking for a way to enjoy one of your favorite Japanese animation series. Bbut have been disappointed because of ad annoyance and slow connection speeds, you might want to try out IPVanish VPN. If you have ever been frustrated by ad irritation, then IPVanish VPN is a great way to make sure that you never have to experience that again. With this amazing service, you can bypass all those annoying advertisements that interrupt your favorite shows.

If you are already used to watching your Japanese anime series via PC, you should be aware that there are now a few new things you can try out. One service that is becoming more popular is the Silk Browser. This is a special silk browser that will allow you to view Japanese anime content through your IPVanish VPN. It basically works like your normal web browser, as you can easily change between windows and tabs, and watch any of your shows with the added feature of viewing anime content through an IPVanish VPN.

A Brief Look at Some Kissanime Alternatives

Kissanime is no longer the top anime download site on the web. As of today, most new anime fans prefer other download sites such as Animesentai. In this review, I will reveal to you why I prefer Kissanime over Animesentai and other similar anime download sites.

Although there was a large contingency of kissanime fans in the United States and Canada who were patiently waiting for kissanime real website to be launched, the release of Animesentai hastened their deaths. Because of this reason, many kissanime enthusiasts cannot now access the said website anymore. The good news is that there are still other good anime sites to replace Kissanime in terms of popularity. If you’re interested to find out more about such sites, then you should read this entire article till the very end. The last part will reveal to you what exactly happened with kissanime real website.

History of Kissanime

There was a time when kissanime was the number one source of anime downloads in the United States and Canada. Its huge popularity is mostly attributed to the fact that it provides you with the ability to download various episodes of your favorite anime series in high definition quality. It also has an Upload button that allows users to upload their favorite anime pictures and videos. The website offers users the ability to search and locate any anime video and picture. Due to these benefits, many kissanime lovers started to wonder what happened to the website similar to Animesentai.

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At present, there are several new streaming sites on the internet that have come up as competitors of kissanime. In order to compete with these websites, kissanime tried to create something unique and different. They started to offer several free anime downloads at the start of the year. Hoping to attract more people to their streaming site. Unfortunately, these streaming websites were not able to sustain the demand, and soon got kicked out of the server by the giant names.


Despite the kick out from the big names, kissanime has remained strong and is now the second most popular anime download portal in the US after Animesentai. As competition increased, kissanime added several alternative options. These alternatives included pay per view, pay per play, and ad-supported streaming. While these services are not exactly free, they are a lot cheaper than the basic animes streaming method.

Anime Planet

On top of these alternatives, kissanime started offering a free “Anime Planet” application that allows users to promote their favorite anime. The application works much like an actual anime download site, letting users rate and comment on the top anime releases of the day. It is one of the most popular anime promotion programs offered today, and clearly shows how effective it is.

As competition increased among the giant anime websites, kissanime decided to develop a few unique features in order to stay ahead of the pack. While the competition may have been stiff, kissanime has stuck with what makes it effective, and instead focused on adding some exciting alternatives. While you won’t get access to all the content available on their site, it is still a very good thing that they have remained strong.

Anime Show

One of the most interesting features that kissanime offers is their “Anime Show” feature. Unlike many other torrents, Anime Show does offer a good amount of anime-related content. In fact, many of their episodes are available for download right away. While not every show is uploaded, it is still a good thing that they offer something a little different. This should definitely be considered when choosing an anime website, as few do.


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