Key Opinion Leader at NetBase Quid Gives Accurate Information about the Company Products

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are highly influential persons, professionals and consumers across the marketing spectrum. KOLs are interviewed by companies to find out their views on the brands, services, and trends affecting the industry. This data can be directly translated into the growth potential for brands, strengthened customer engagement, and business growth.

Why NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid offers marketers an all-in-one consumer intelligence solution, helping them make informed business decisions based on accurate, real-time insights from consumer perspectives. By tapping into the power of relevant insights, NetBase Quid helps businesses create valuable, meaningful, and compelling experiences for consumers. Key Opinion Leader can be a member of targeted communities and plays a critical role in creating reliable quality reporting data. Key Opinion Leader is an important metric for growth and competitive intelligence.

Why was KOL Quid created?

There are various means of creating and accessing consumer insight data. NetBase Quid provides access to data not only from Key Opinion Leaders but also from anonymous users, to identify unmonitored spending patterns and take an in depth look at the relationship between consumers and influential opinions.

Key Opinion Leaders are individuals whose opinions are important for driving business outcomes. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, leaders are required to think in new ways and collaborate across industries. Leaders must understand the expectations of each industry and can recognize the emerging trends impacting any sector.

Who Are We?

NetBase Quid is a New York City based software company which provides a unique consumer and market intelligence platform for consumer-related businesses. The company offers an end-to-end, unbiased, and consolidated view into a person’s profile and activities. NetBase Quid’s enterprise solution, which supports over 40,000 reports each month, enables companies to act on trends and be more aware of key stakeholders within their industry.

A KOL produces, publishes, or delivers views on key issues, which influence the purchasing decisions of their peers”. KOL can be thought of as the next level of the influencer model, extending the access/influence of influencers by giving more people a voice in determining key consumer choices.

Harness Power

NetBase Quid enables a KOL to harness the power of distributed networks (nets) to build targeted audiences and cultivate deeper insights on the key drivers of the industry in real-time. The NetBase Quid platform offers a new user interface to augment the existing application, powered by analytics, allowing for easy consumption of NetBase Quid data.

KOL are highly influential members of their industries. Many influential KOLs are in the C-suite or influential decision-makers. We’ve all heard the expression “buyer beware” meaning you should not just be sold what the vendor tells you is best.

Decision Makers

KOLs are often in difficult positions. Being an important decision maker, they often have limited time or budget. By using the NetBase Quid platform, businesses can identify influential KOLs and track their comments and scores. NetBase Quid’s technology allows you to analyze the sentiment of those reviews. This allows you to better understand the “why” behind why someone may comment on a product.

KOL is the individual or team with the expertise to explain a company’s offerings to the public. KOLs are recognized experts, called by the company, who are given a formal title, title for attribution, and business cards. KOLs can be bloggers, journalists, analysts, economists, analysts, professors, etc.

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NetBase Quid provides a complete package of analytics to identify key opinion leaders from the organizations’ KOL database. It’s a one-stop shop for identifying the right KOLs, nurturing and developing them, and determining the level of influence that they wield.

What are some of NetBase Quid’s biggest achievements?

NetBase Quid is the newest AI-powered feature to join CNBC’s Cheddar business channel, connecting CNBC’s core business coverage with insights from over, and insights that It’s easy. You just need to sign up for a free trial. Download Quid and start the process.

NetBase Quid has a database of 2.5 million KOLs, across 500 industries, and organizes their key events, publications, profiles, and more in real time. NetBase Quid’s simple-to-use app works to keep you ahead of trends, recognize key influencers, and connect you with customers and communities that matter to you.

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