Incredible experience of swimming with dolphins in Cancun

Incredible experience of swimming with dolphins in Cancun

Are you bored of your daily dull routine and are planning for vacations? Is your desired vacation spot a beach? Then we urge you to visit Cancun. A city in southeast Mexico known for its lush beaches and wildlife.

We all have been visiting beaches for like forever. Have tried all the activities that a beach has to offer including snorkelling, scuba diving and ski boarding but what’s else? Along with all these activities we at Dolphin Discovery are offering you the most incredible, once in a lifetime experience of swimming with the dolphins.

Dolphins are the cutest and jolliest creatures of the sea. They are friendly and fun to be around with. If you are a nature loving person and love to explore marine life and habitat this is the right vacation venue for you.

We at Dolphin Discovery aim at creating an ever-lasting experience of swimming with the dolphins in Cancun. We provide complete tours from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. So what are you waiting for? Book your slots now.

The three main aspects of our adventures include;

Swim Adventure

Has it been your wildest dream of swimming with dolphins? Well, we value your dream and are here to make the most of it. Now, you can swim with dolphins in Cancun with our most reliable tours. We pride ourselves in providing one of the most preferable dolphin discovery platforms in Cancun.


Along with swimming, you will also get to experience encounters with dolphins. You can hug them, caresses or ride on their belly.

Apart from that we have marine specialists who will guide you through some of the intresting facts about dolphins, their diet, reproductive and nursing programs.

Isla Discovery

By far you have swam with the dolphins, encountered them, now what? Is your trip over? No, not yet. Here in Dolphin Discovery to make the most of your day we have organised a tour to Isla Mujeres island. You can take a tour and shop for souvenirs, visit Punta Sur or enjoy taking clicks at Mexico’s top rated beaches in Playa Norte.

Isla Mujeres is an island full of life and energy and one is bound to feel energetic and refreshed after visiting here. It is an enchanted island surrounded by turquoise sea water.

Things you’ll discover with Dolphin Discovery

Our full-fledged tours start from a ferry trip which takes you from Cancun to Isla Mujeres. This is a short 20 minutes ride during which you can witness the beauty of the Caribbean sea. We at Dolphin Discovery make sure that you live each and every moment of this trip and make each your penny worth.

We have kept in mind all your day needs and planned our tours accordingly. You can choose from a wide range of tours filled with different activities. These are;

Dolphin Royal Swim

This program allows you to meet with dolphins. Dolphins here at Isla Mujeres are always welcoming. In this program you’ll get to experience different activities with dolphins. Kissing and hugging is just the beginning of this thrilling experience. The real fun starts with dorsal tow and foot push.

The fun does not stop here, to explore marine life further you can take a dip under the sea, snorkel and observe breath-taking sting rays.

Sea Life Discovery Plus

Who would want to miss the chance of visiting the dolphins and not meeting its other aquatic friends. In our packages we have arranged a meet up for you with sea lions and manatees.


With dolphins, you can touch them, caress, hug and kiss them. You don’t have to be a swimmer to swim with dolphins. Our underwater platform will drag you through along with the dolphins and our dolphins will push you from your feet to rise above the water. Swim with dolphins experiences is a must to try once in a lifetime.

Sea lions

Sea Lions are very calm creatures and can entertain you with their funny actions.


Manatees are charming and cuddly. You can share a relaxing time with them.

When you are done with all the activities you can enjoy the warm Caribbean weather by laying down on comfortable lounge pool chairs or taking a dive-in refreshing pool. We have also arranged a buffet full of national delicies so you can eat while your tummies are out.

Garrafon Natural Reef Park

One of the most beautiful places that you must visit in Isla Mujeres is the amazing Garrafon natural reef park. Garrafon natural reef park is known for its beautiful reefs, cliffs, zip lines and kayaks. Garrafon park is the ideal place to spend a day with your loved ones.

Dolphin Encounter+Royal Garrafon Park

You can enjoy our dolphin encounter plus Royal Garrafon Park tour where you can benefit from both the experiences at two different spots.

We have covered all the facilities for your ease. We aim to provide you a fun-filled day free of any hassle.

Meet and play with dolphins at Isla Mujeres then travel to Cancun to experience the breathtaking landscapes the island has to offer.


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