How to Safeguard Your Little Friends’ Paws During a Fireworks Event?

How to Safeguard Your Little Friends’ Paws During a Fireworks Event?

Watching a display of fireworks is a splendid sight for humans. However, the entire affair seems to be stressful for our friends from the puppy land. You need to know that many pets go missing on occasions like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, etc., because of the loud noises produced by the massive fireworks display. People engage in many outdoor activities, travel, and parties and pay little attention to the pet fraternity during such times.

The abrupt sounds, toxic smell, and flashing lights overload your pet puppy’s senses. Your panic-stricken pup shivers, tucks its tail between its hind legs, and looks at you with bulging eyes. Taking care of an anxious puppy is essential, especially if it’s the first time witnessing a fireworks display. Talk to the vet to know how to calm down your puppy during such events. The vet may suggest practical solutions to keep your young pup serene, secure, and sorted through the entire episode.

Cheap dog insurance covers the vet visit costs, so you don’t need to panic about the charges involved. With pet insurance, your puppy’s health expenses are covered for now and the times to come – like if your scared pet escapes home during fireworks and gets injured. Pet health insurance serves as a timely aid. Still, puppy owners need to exercise caution and care to avert grim incidents during momentous celebrations.

How to help puppies deal with action-packed fireworks events?

Desensitization training!

Use online resources like sound loops and videos to expose and educate your innocent pup. The puppy needs to know sounds aren’t threats, and it doesn’t have to get jittery about them. Play familiar sounds like street noises, waste management truck sounds, home appliance noises, thunder, construction noises, fireworks, etc.

Introduce them early in your pup’s life so they get comfortable around these noises. Begin with low tones and gradually move on to higher tones, all the while monitoring your pup’s responses. It may be best if you hired a trainer to complete this task.

Let puppy stay at home!

In the best interests of your pup, you need to keep them away from these festivities. Let them rejoice at home in the company of other family members or a pet sitter instead. Pet safety must be your top priority at all times. Puppy doesn’t need unwanted anxiety; we are sure your pup would say the same if it could talk!

Set up a safe place!

Create a cozy hideout for your puppy to take refuge on such eventful days. Block out the annoyances by screening the windows, playing soothing music, and covering the puppy crate with extra blankets to comfort your puppy.

Close all the exits!

Make sure all the home entrances and exits are locked. Petrified puppies may run away from homes to escape the sounds and lights. Limit the chances for your jumpy puppy looking to desert your home.

Talk to the vet!

Your vet will be the best person to guide you on how to help your puppy overcome anxiety. Ask your vet if any confidence-building puppy training is sufficient or you need to take any other steps to raise a bold puppy at home.

Even with all the efforts from your end, sometimes your puppy may abscond and get into trouble. What your little companion goes through after that is inconceivable. With no one to care for them, your pup may fall sick, injure itself, or run into dangers unknown.

Fortunately, if you get to meet your pet again, your puppy will need a thorough medical checkup to be sure of its wellbeing. With pet insurance, your puppy’s vet visit costs and prescription bills can be claimed. Cheap dog insurance allows you to give your pet quality medical care at affordable prices.


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