How to play Escape from Tarkov: EFT basics and more

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore first-person shooter game focusing on survival and becoming a cult game among gamers. But at the same time, it is an intricate game, hard to comprehend at the initial stage. There are three different versions of Escape from Tarkov available on the market. Technically all are beta versions, so all are pre-orders of the complete game. The standard version comes with a price tag of $44.99, including fundamentals to start the voyage from the shrunken Tarkov Economic Zone. The following editions are; the Left Behind, the Prepare for Escape, and the limited edition of The Age of Darkness. The price list is $74.99, $99.99, and a staggering $139.99 correspondingly. 

Overwhelming to new players

The very name of the game gives the narrative. But there are many stages of the game and overwhelming to new players. As all the versions are in beta mode, no stream releases have been available. The game is an online first-person action with stimulators and a pragmatic storyline. The chronicle starts at Tarkov with widespread anarchy either you can unite with BEAR or USEC. You have to combat with AI machines and also with humans. It becomes a multi-player platform. 

Private Military Contractor or Scav

You can choose between two modes; Private Military Contractor or Scav. PMC is the chief character with inherent skill, gadgets, and missions that differ from game to game. The narcissism of Escape from Tarkov is if you die as a PMC, the gear and weapons are permanently lost, though there are some methods to retrieve gear from a dead PMC. While embarking on a quest which is usually to travel to another side of the terrain, you need to perform other assignments on the way.  

Scavs are a hostile section of the PMCs. Each player is naturally selected as PMC, but you can combat Scavs. Former civilians of Tarkov now took up arms; AI of the game controls some Scavs while remaining are controlled by players. The weapon and gear of Scavs are inferior to that of PMC, and they search for money or resources throughout the map. PMCs are exposed to higher risk; subsequently, their reward is bigger; Scav raids are moderate risk ideal for players to get acquainted with the game or collect resources to fund the PMCs escapade. 

As Scarv

It is always better to start playing Escape from Tarkov as Scarv to get the essence of the play. If you start the journey as PMC, the hostile surrounding extreme weather is likely to give you a very hard day, and you are prone to be dead within a few hours. If you are a beginner, then the custom map is ideal for getting familiarized with the region and always wise pulling a diagram before or after a raid. Focus on the assignment to accomplish it, evade TerraLabs in Custom maps, and take ample medicines in the safe container. Along with the evacuation, you will learn the nitty-gritty of the game, and using hacks will save a lot of time and frustration. 

Optimal health 

You not only have to eliminate foes, but there are other assignments also. To continue the fight, you have to maintain health with optimal blood pressure, hydration, and nutrition. Lavicheat’s tarkov hack streamlines the logistic supply and enhances the gunpowder. You need to service your gun to not jam or overheat at crucial moments. The theme of Escape from Tarkov mainly centers on loot, to get it and preserve it. You have to chalk out a balance for optimal benefit to face AI and human-driven enemies. The hacks give you an edge in every possible situation in warfare, traversal, or logistics. 


You will find a safe house in the game to stack your booty; this is a place where you can store your future plunder. With force open door hack, you can pry into other`s safe house to take away their treasures and force the opponents to come outside. There is an economy in the game as an auction house where you can sell and buy loots. If you want to hold on to the loots, opt for SCAVs, but as there is a cool down condition, you cannot play as SCAVs always. In this mode, you would not be attacked by AI SCAVs, so you could navigate antagonistic places otherwise. 

To continue the combat, you need to be healthy; four hundred thirty-five health points distributed between head, neck, stomach, arms, and legs. The color depicts the health condition of the body parts grey is fine, red means it is injured needs treatment, and black means it is computed. The hacks save you from unfavorable conditions and work in every possible circumstance. The cheats make the battle easy, as you laid down the rules on your term, then let the other fighters and game decide. 

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