How to Make Examinations More Secure

How to Make Examinations More Secure

In the era of highly competitive exams, it’s necessary to secure centers with proper security equipment for escaping malpractices. Most of the time candidates violate the examination rules by using phones, Bluetooth, etc. As a result, genuine candidates don’t get a favorable outcome. There are different types of security measures that can be used as such;

Metal detectors on Rent

Metal detectors are the best solutions among all the security equipment.

It can be used at examination centers to escape malpractice and ensure exam security. It detects all the hidden metals and indicates through the sound. Metal detectors are fair enough to restrict this disobedience by frisking candidates before entering the examination venue. Metal detectors on rent are also a good deal for organizations to conduct exams conveniently and monitor the security services. It is low in price, light in weight and easy to carry anywhere.

Diesel Generator Rental

Power cuts create big problems during examinations and it’s one of the serious concerns especially at the time of exams. Strong power connectivity is the basic need of any kind of examination. Good service of electricity helps to conduct examinations smoothly. A power cut has become big trouble in metro cities. So, that demand for Power backup Generators increased accordingly.

Diesel Generator Rental makes it easy as it provides power back up to secure examinations from sudden power cuts. Diesel generators are low on cost and provide long power backups. Diesel generators can cater to multiple requirements of examination centers based upon needs. It also gives a secondary option to provide power to utility grids during peak times. Reliable Diesel generator backup prevents delays and cancellation of the scheduled exams. It helps to maintain the examination procedure without any kind of interruption. 

Biometric Attendance System

It’s not easy to maintain all the records in registers as it takes lots of time and energy. It also prevents time larceny and attendance malfunctions. To ensure the authenticity of candidates at the exam center, biometrics is the best way to be used. This is totally a digital system that is secure and impartial. It also provides accurate information about the candidates.

Biometric Attendance System is one of the finest ways to mark the presence of candidates during any exams. There are some types of biometrics systems like; Iris recognition, Face recognition, Hand geometry recognition, Finger geometry recognition, etc. 

Face recognition 

Face recognition is a very effective kind of Biometric. It scans the face and analyzes the details of a candidate. This is a non-intrusive and cheap technology that can be used at examination venues easily. Malicious activities can be prevented by using face recognition biometrics.

Fingerprint recognition 

Fingerprint recognition is a well-known biometric technology. It’s easy to use and carry. Fingerprint recognition biometrics are highly accurate and non-invasive. Its affordable and most developed technology in the biometrics system. It also compresses the size of data and is standardized properly. With the help of biometric systems, things can be easily identified, data can be stored and prevented from malpractices. 


India is a big country with a population of almost 135 crore people. It’s not easy to secure everything accurately and in terms of examinations, the situation is more complicated. Leaks of paper before an examination have been a big headache for a few years. As technology has progressed, the cases of examination leaks have also increased. Poor security services are the main cause of these kinds of malpractice. To conduct examinations smoothly and securely, organizations should take all the necessary steps to prevent any interruption in exams and maintain all the security measures like a Biometrics system, power backup, metal detectors at the examination venue. This all will help to conduct partial and uninterrupted examinations. It will prevent mischievous activities and help to give a reliable security to all.


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