How to make a modernized church hat?

How to make a modernized church hat?

In the Bible, the apostle Paul says that women are to cover their heads while worshiping. Many Christian women, especially those of African American descent, have taken this instruction to heart, wearing elaborate and decorative headdresses as part of their finery. You can participate in tradition by creating a modernized church hat. With a few personal touches and additions, you can turn almost any hat into a one-of-a-kind, modern accessory. Or it is the best option for you to buy designer church hats that fulfill all your needs and requirements.


1. Flip through fashion magazines today to get an idea of hat styles that are modern and trendy. Pick up a few styles that you particularly like, and consider their shapes and the materials used to make them. Keep these notes and photos on hand for reference while you are making your modernized church hat.

2. Select a hat for the basis of the unique appearance of its kind. The hat should have a wide enough brim to hold all kinds of desired decorations. Look for one in an interesting way, too. Pick a color that matches the season, like brown or black for winter and yellow, pink, or white for summer, or pick a color that matches or contrasts with the rest of your outfit. You can also go against tradition by choosing a color not normally used for traditional church hats, such as hot pink or turquoise.

3. Choose a wide ribbon in a complementary color to go around the base of the brim of his hat. Determine where you want to place the bow that you will hang from the ribbon. Cut a piece of ribbon that will go completely around the base of the brim and be long enough to tie a large bow. Place a bead of glue from the hot glue gun on the side directly opposite where you want to place the bow. Attach the center of the tape there. Coming off the center, left first, then right, apply a bead of glue every inch or two, attaching the tape as you go. Make sure to alternate the sides so that your ribbon meets at the point where you want to tie the bow. 

4. Tie a big ribbon bow that has been attached to his hat. Create plush loops, and let the excess ribbon hang down over the brim of the hat. Cut the ends of the ribbon on a diagonal or V-shape.

5. Add 5 feathers or silk flowers to your hat. For example, the hot glue gun could be used to place a realistic-looking silk flower in the center of the ribbon bow, and a pair of peacock or emu feathers could be added behind the linked bow.

6. Decide whether you want to add to your hat church network. If you do, choose the appropriate compensation and decide where you want to attach. Some hats look good with fishnet fastened in the front, while other styles are best suited for fishnet that runs across the top. Once you determine what will look best for your hat, attach the mesh using hot glue or a needle and thread.

7. Decorate the hat with rhinestones to add a little more modern pizazz. Select rhinestones in a color that matches the overall theme of the cap. Glue them to the top of the ribbon going around the base of the hat, or attach them to the brim, either at the top or below.


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