How to Increase Sales Revenue Using Skills Development, Training Videos, and Modules

How to Increase Sales Revenue Using Skills Development, Training Videos, and Modules

Sales and marketing are considered the company’s lifeblood, generating income and revenues through advertising and sales campaigns.

For companies to generate more income, they should invest in employee growth and development especially conducting sales training videos and modules. 

Training videos will help sales representative widen their knowledge and skillsets and become effective sales closer. If you want to learn more, here is useful information for you.

Introduce Learning Through Innovative Game Concepts

You may create digital games for your e-learning system training modules with team games that sales personnel can play.

Here are a few ideas for including games that can encourage salespeople while also providing essential training:

  • Make a deck of cards with random items on them. Allow salespeople to choose a card and build a pitch for an unfamiliar topic.
  • Make another deck of cards with sales methods or buyer personalities. Allow sales representatives to choose a product card and mix it with a strategy or persona card to create a unique pitch.

Train Newly Hired Sales Representative

If your firm is like other sales organisations, you won’t see an instant return on investment when you recruit a new salesperson.

When most salespeople are employed, it takes them some time to speed up. Depending on the data, it might take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for a new salesperson to meet their sales objectives. But, of course, it may take much longer if your company has a long sales cycle.

You could include any or all of the following:

  • Details about the firm
  • Instruction on the program you use
  • Product education
  • Product sales training videos

While it’s doubtful that you’ll remove newcomers’ training lag, an onboarding program might help them get off to a good start. According to studies, excellent onboarding programs boost performance.

Improve Sales Skills

Sales entail making many calls, hearing a lot of “no,” and attempting to persuade hesitant prospects to buy anything.

Reps must be persistent and thick-skinned, as well as know-how to discourage prospects from hanging up the phone, overcoming obstacles, and being courteous while dealing with potentially nasty leads.

These are challenging skills to learn, especially for rookie representatives, but the good news is that they are skills, and when your salespeople master them, your organisation will benefit.

Invest in Sales Technique Training

Sales might appear to be a wonderful, enigmatic art form. Either a rep is inherently adept at sales, or they aren’t. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Sales are processes that can be formalised into a sales process, also known as a sales methodology.

A sales process ensures that every sales agent, even your newest, understands exactly what they need to do to close a transaction. While sales procedures vary based on the company, a sales process may comprise the following steps:

  • The initial interaction
  • Overcoming Opponents
  • Calling a meeting
  • delivering a presentation

Despite the necessity of a sales process, sales firms do not train their salespeople on it, and some do not have one.

Those who included sales approach training as part of a good training program experienced results, with a 15.4% higher win rate than other organisations.


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