How to Host a Great 80s Theme Party

How to Host a Great 80s Theme Party

People like to party. That being said, parties aren’t as easy to have as you get older, and the biggest part of hosting a party has a theme. This theme will entertain your guests and lead to a night worth remembering. 

What is a better theme than 80’s throwback? Below is a list of fun events and tips for having the best 80’s themed party in your town. 


One of the coolest parts of the ’80s was their crazy –sometimes a little too crazy– fashion trends. Creating a totally rad ’80s themed dress code is a fun way to spice up the party, but be prepared to see mullets, legwarmers, bangs, animal print, and hot pink. 

Also, you could turn the costume aspect of your party into a game. For example, you can challenge your guests to come as their favorite movie characters, actors, or band members. Not only will these costumes grab the attention of the other guests, but they will also think about your party far in advance to make sure they prepare their outfits. 


Bright and neon are the two words that describe the lights of the ’80s. So run to the department store and grab some neon LED lights to spice up the party and give it that 80’s feel. 


To host a totally wicked 80’s theme party, you need to have a rad playlist packed with everyone’s favorite 80’s artists. The first step in having a Rockin playlist is to dial 867-5309 and call Jenny to get the party started. Then, Tommy Tutone and the band will roll up, members-only jackets on, and start the party. 

Duran Duran, Boy George, Madonna, and Wham! (don’t forget the exclamation point; they earned it) are all top prospects on your 80’s playlist to light up the neon sky. Mall tour headliner Debbie Gibson’s “Lost in Your Eyes” should bring up the rear on a slow note. 

Video Games 

Vintage video games are a huge part of 80’s pop culture. If you can find an old home arcade machine with games such as centipede, pitfall, asteroids, Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Frogger, you could host a contest to see if your guests can go backward and figure out how to reuse a joystick. 

If you can’t find an old vintage arcade machine, no worries; on almost all known age systems, there are vintage games that you can download and play. It may not be as cool as the real deal, but having a Tetris tournament at an ’80s themed party would entertain your guests no matter what system it is played on. 

Watch Parties

A pinnacle of the ’80s is the films: The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Pretty in Pink, and everything else from Jonathan Hughes’s top choice chart. You don’t even have to have a watch party; you can just play a variety of popular 80’s films in the background of your party to fit the theme. If you make a mandatory costume dress code, there will be at least one person dressed up as a charter from one of these films. 

Listening to throwback tunes under neon lights is a recipe for a great night. But, throughout the chaos of all the party planning, don’t forget to be a good host. Drinks and food are a must, but most importantly, have as much fun as everyone else does. 


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