How to Create an Instagram Business from Scratch

How to Create an Instagram Business from Scratch

Business on Instagram — is it easy? It would seem that there is nothing complicated here. You create an account and advertise, and applications are received every day. But in fact, starting your own business on Instagram is the same as creating any other business from scratch.

Before starting, it is necessary to think over the smallest details, starting from the idea and ending with the promotion. In addition, it is necessary to build a system in such a way that the algorithms work for your benefit and attract more and more audience to your profile. Today we will talk about how to achieve high statistics without the need to often buy likes on Instagram.

1. Determination of profitability

Let’s be honest, even with a cool idea, you won’t work for a long time with bare enthusiasm. Any business must be profitable. The first step after choosing a niche is to decide how effective your business will be. This can be considered in terms of costs or with an emphasis on targets.

To help you with examples on the method of decomposition of goals. Here we move from complex to simple: we break the main goal into tasks, then into subtasks, and then into even smaller landmarks. So you can understand what actions to take to reach the goal.

2. Analysis of other accounts in your field

Profitability has been assessed, now we are trying to find out as much as possible about competitors (appearance of profiles, hashtags, stories, feed content, subscribers, etc.). You can conduct analysis in programs with the function of tracking competitors or manually in three ways:

  • search for profiles of competitors known to you;
  • search for nearest competitors by keywords;
  • hashtag search.

Moreover, we recommend collecting everyone for a start, and after that, it is direct competitors that are singled out (you can even make a rating). When you start, it makes no sense to equal the millionaires. Their audience will not go to you. Otherwise, you will only buy Instagram likes on every post to make yourself feel as famous and important as a very popular blogger.

3. Drawing up a content plan

It’s not enough to just post content. It is also necessary to make it of high quality and publish regularly. A content plan will help with this. When developing such a plan, it is important to consider the following points:

  1. Publication date. Adjust posting times to match client activity.
  2. Content type. Alternate between selling, entertaining, informational posts.
  3. Interaction channels. On Instagram, you can interact with the audience through stories, feed, IGTV.
  4. Content. First of all, users will pay attention to the picture, and then to the text.
  5. Life hack. You can use delayed publishing to save time.

If you are a blogger, then the content plan will go by the wayside. Blogging needs relevance, not the templates. But if your main goal is business, then this will not work. Learn how the creation you need to create looks like in practice.


It is difficult to cover all the important tips in one article, but we have tried to summarize the main points today. Read our articles for useful information to create and grow your business.


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