How to Acknowledge and Thus Avoid Phishing Scams

How to Acknowledge and Thus Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing is an online scam which retrieves and uses the personal information of users. The scammer then uses that information to blackmail and misuse the victims’ innocence. They, covered in the mask of a well-known authority member, ask the users to enter their personal information for the purpose of official work. The victims, being unaware of the criminals’ evil intentions and the lack of awareness, enter their personal information, resulting in getting trapped in the phishing scam

How to identify a phishing scam?

Although, it is very difficult to identify scams which would target an individual using their personal information. The Global Payback’ company still tries to make it easier for the customers or the users to identify the phishing scam by keeping an eye as well as noticing the minor details of the emails or the texts users receive. 

  1. Creates and emergency

There are several tasks that require an individual to share personal details for the purpose of proceedings. Even companies can not rely on anyone, the person they are hiring, without verifying the personal information. Therefore, it is fair from their ends to ask for personal data. However, there are certain official or work websites which create an emergency for the users to share their personal details as per the requirement of the task or job. When the user does share their details, they use them for the purpose of accomplishing illicit activities, misusing the information

  1. Suspicious Subject Line 

The emails contain suspicious subject lines, trying to trick people using emotional or intriguing storylines. The emails mention the problems the users might be having with their account to convince them to visit the website or the link provided. Often, the scammers trick the users by luring them into fake deals like “you have won a gift or a cash prize”. The customers, being unaware of the reality, get attracted to the offer being made

How to avoid a Phishing scam? 

  1. Install antivirus software in your gadgets

Protect your monitors and mobile phone by installing the antivirus software. Whenever a scammer tries to trap the victim by gaining access to the personal information, the victim’s antivirus software installed in the gadgets will give indication. The victim can then protect his/her personal details from being leaked into the hands of criminals, as gadgets are the tools which contain the maximum private information regarding one’s own self. 

  1. Avoid replying to unknown emails                         

You might receive dozens of emails on a regular basis which are not even of your use. Different companies and people try to promote their business by sending emails to people around them. In those business emails there are scammers, who try to send hidden emails containing some intriguing messages for the users to get attracted to. 

  1. Verify the sender email ID 

Avoid opening the attached emails coming from unknown emails. Verify the sender’s email ID before replying to it, the scammers are skilled enough to trick the victims using different strategies. 


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