Gas Mask Water Pipe

Gas Mask Water Pipe

What do you know about gas mask water pipes?

If you’re looking for a unique and fantastic way to smoke cannabis, then a gas mask water pipe is precisely the thing you want. It’s the right way to enjoy smoke for every stoner. Gas masks are ideal for every smoker, and these are actually the face masks connected to the bong. The bong comes in various materials like acrylic, plastic, glass, or even metal.

So guys, let’s have some further details about these gas masks. Thus you should know about the usage of these masks and the characteristics that these masks contain. These masks and the bong include an adjustable strap to deliver the right amount of hit. Hence these masks get fit into the smoker’s head and allow the perfect hit.

Why should you get the gas mask water pipe?

There’re plenty of reasons behind this statement but let me explain to you a few of them.

 Fun novelty item

Most of the stoners find this gas mask bong as a fun item. However, if you love to bid cannabis, then you should go to your nearest head shop. These head masks will create a calm, unusual, or a bit scary look for you. No doubt, gas masks are one of the significant kinds of smoking.

  Amazing and goofy

If you invite some of your friends for smoke and chill, then gas masks are a great piece of conversation. In addition to this, it is a fantastic toy to play with and to enjoy the tremendous party mood. So there are varieties of funky masks available in the market that you can get to experience the new goofy world.

  Get one and done

Regarding the gas mask water pipe, you should keep in mind that you cannot use these masks for extended smoke sessions, unlike the other smoking materials. So if you want to smoke weed while doing some lengthy task like watching a movie or some other stuff, you should take some other thing to smoke. Thus with these gas masks, even on the one rip, you get the most substantial hit. Hence this is all you need, and so it is more of a novelty item than for the regular smoke sessions.

How to wear and use the gas mask water pipe?

Using a gas mask for weed is similar to smoking from a bong, but there’s a bit of difference with it. Let’s discuss how this gas mask pipe works:

‰       First of all, prepare the course grains by grinding the fresh buds

‰       You can crush them with your fingers, but using a grinder is recommended

‰       Now fill up the pipe with water and then attach the gas mask to it

‰       Thus pack the bowl with the grounded buds

‰       Now open the strap and put the gas mask over your head

‰       So after this, tighten the mask over your face, but it should be a little bit loose

‰       finally, slide the bowl into the water pipe

How to light up and smoke with the gas mask?

After discussing how to wear and use the gas mask, now I’ll tell you briefly about the process of lighting up the herbs. So let’s have a look:

The very first step that you should take is to cover the carb hole with a finger. Thus, after that, light up the herbs with the hemp wick from the end of the bowl. While keeping your finger on the carb hole, inhale slowly.

Now be ready to take the big hit and remove your finger from the carb hole. So take in the smoke from the gas mask water pipe, and after that, hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling. Additionally, you can add ice to your bowl for an icy cold sesh of fantastic herbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1-      Does a gas mask pipe get you higher?

There Are different possibilities in terms of getting high, and this parameter varies from person to person. Thus, getting high also depends on the method of use, but usually, it is said that using the gas mask bong doesn’t make you stoned or high after few hits.

2-      Should I replace my conventional bong with a gas mask water pipe?

Look! The use of a traditional bong or gas mask depends on personal choices and preferences. So I must say that gas masks are an excellent option for chilling and enjoying parties. However, if you like simple functionality and design, then you can make your own different choice.

Wrap up

So peeps hope you liked this review, and if you do so, do let me know about your experience. A gas mask water pipe is hard to find as these masks are rare and unique in the market. Thus if you’re now satisfied with the working and features, then get your favorite mask now and enjoy the perfect chill hits.



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