Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Video Doorbells

Everything You Need to Know About Wireless Video Doorbells

A smart doorbell camera is a 21st-century solution to our modern problems because modern problems require modern solutions, don’t they? Expecting a package delivery while you are not home? Worry not! Want to communicate with the delivery guy to leave the box under the bench instead of with Susan next door? You still can. 

You can see when your guests have arrived, you can detect whether the alert triggered by the motion sensors was because of a person or whether it’s just a bird or the cat from next door. You can monitor when your kids leave or whether they made it home in time for curfew, and you can also answer your doorbell from your phone. Video doorbells wireless have been around for almost a decade, but advancements are made to them with every passing year, giving us more up-to-date features and efficient operation.

There are multiple brands out there in the smart home market with their own versions of doorbells. Each comes with a different design or color, and selectively different features too. But here’s the thing, almost every video doorbell includes the same features as the rest. That is because the technology is the same. 

Here are some common features you can find in almost all smart video doorbells.

1. A Mobile Application

Every smart home device has its own mobile application, so similarly Video Doorbells do come with their respective apps. Download them onto your smartphones, tablets or even laptops – a mobile app basically entails that you can access your device from literally anywhere! Whether you are within your home and the bell rings, or you’re at work and the bell rings. You can answer your door straight from your wireless device and never miss a chance on anybody that stops by.

2. Two Way Audio Feature

A major feature and a great support offered by smart video doorbell cameras is opening communication channels both ways. Wireless video doorbells allow two-way audio so you can speak to whoever is outside your house without needing to open your locks and putting yourself at risk – and also without having to be home! Pick up your smartphone and see, and speak to whoever is at the door or the gate.

3. Cloud Storage

Having cloud storage is helpful as you can store footage for up to several days and sometimes up to a month; depending on the subscription details of your Video Doorbell device. This becomes very helpful in the unpleasant event of an incident at your home or even in your neighborhood – or just when you would like to view what you missed out on while you were away. 

Video doorbells come with this added feature and for a minimal price you can purchase extra storage capacity of your choice and keep records of your security data for days.

4. Source of Power

Video doorbells come in two variants: there are battery-powered ones and are also available in wired variants that can be hardwired in to your existing wiring system. Installation of these Video Doorbells is nonetheless quite easy to do by yourself. With battery-powered video doorbells, however, one must be careful to change the batteries every couple of months for the device to properly work and to its full potential that it is meant for.

5. Motion Detection

Most smart doorbell cameras come with built-in motion sensors. Some of them have the advanced technology of detecting whether the motion is due to the presence of a person, or because of things like animals, or leaves or even vehicles. Some advanced ones also feature and support monitoring of specific zones, and detect and identify regular visitors. There are plenty of Video Doorbells in the smart home market, but make sure to look out for this particular feature that is inclusive within the device you would get.

5. Live Alerts and Notifications

Any time the bell rings or a video doorbell detects any sort of motion, users can get real-time alerts directly to their smartphones and connected wireless devices. This feature is particularly handy for when you are away from home, or if the device detects any movement out front even if the bell has been rung or not. It makes video doorbells ideal for home security.

Some Video Doorbells, also along with motion detection, can identify specific persons – depending on whether your device includes the facial recognition feature or not. You can then receive personalized notifications whenever specific people are at your door. 

Should you get a video doorbell for your home? Of course! If these features aren’t convincing enough, video doorbells essentially serve as secret surveillance systems for you to monitor your home from wherever you are, and directly from your smartphones might we add. Apart from sporting wide-angled cameras with HD quality video, the above features are reason enough for you to invest in one for your home. The average price ranges from $150 and can go up to $300 too – but definitely worth the investment! 

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