Everything You Need to Know About VTL

Vaccinated visitors from specific states are allowed to visit Singapore through the Vaccinated Travel Lane without being subjected to detention or receiving a stay-away notice.

They should be completely vaccinated at least fourteen days after obtaining the entire course of Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty, or WHO EUL Vaccine, and show proof of immunization before the scheduled date of entrance.

Kids under the age of 12 who have not been vaccinated will be allowed to go to Singapore. They do not need to register for a VTP, but they must follow all other VTL rules and be escorted by a completely vaccinated VTL visitor.

Nations Accepting VTL

Depending on the date of arrival in Singapore, passengers may only have gone to or transited through “Current VTL (Air) Nations” during the previous 14 days.

SC/PRs who have traveled to nations not mentioned in the “Active VTL (Air) Nations” will be liable to the current health restrictions. All other visitors to Singapore will be barred access.


Visitors must meet the fundamental terms and standards of the VTL to fly quarantine-free; else, they may be dismissed by airlines or be liable to the current health standards and quarantine.

These individuals are not eligible to apply for entrance through the Vaccinated Travel Lanes:

  • Male non-Malaysian employees with a Work Permit and S Pass in the architecture, or process (CMP) industries.
  • Employees who live in dorms
  • Have a valid certificate of vaccination.
  • Travelers should have valid evidence of vaccination based on what is acceptable in their region.

COVID-19 Tests and Documents Required

Visitors who are suitable for VTL and have gotten the Vaccinated Travel Pass if necessary should consult the VTL traveler list for a comprehensive list of prerequisites for VTL travel.

To engage in specific events in Singapore, you should be vaccinated. You may be required to produce proof of immunization for some actions in Singapore.

You must be able to view the vaccination records on the TraceTogether or HealthHub applications if you were completely vaccinated in Singapore. Your immunization record will remain valid indefinitely.

If you were properly vaccinated outside of Singapore, please post the vaccination proof during the Arrival Card submission process, or present the foreign vaccination documents at the immigration desk when you arrive.

About One day after arriving in Singapore, the immunization record will be notified on the TraceTogether app.

Is It Necessary to Get a Booster Dose to Be Qualified for the Vtl?

Booster doses are not necessary for vaccinated travel lane tourists. To be qualified for entrance into Singapore, they merely need to be vaccinated with the primary vaccine series.

People aged 12 and up should take a booster dose at least five months after the final dose of the primary immunization, or soon afterward, to retain good immunity against COVID-19.

Is It Mandatory for Children to Receive Arts after They Arrive?

Post-arrival ARTs are not necessary for children under the age of two as per the calendar year.

What Happens if a Visitor Plans to Depart the Nation on the Day of the Art?

If the tourist’s leaving day from Singapore falls on the date of the exam, they do not need to take the ART on that date.

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