Escape the Crowds on a Crewed Catamaran Charter

Escape the Crowds on a Crewed Catamaran Charter

It’s peak holiday season and everyone is trying to enjoy a bit of time for relaxation after busy months and working schedules. And while summer months are a great time to take a break and get away, it also means that the holiday destinations can be busy.

Overpopulated destinations, especially in the heat, can mean your holiday has the chance of being disturbed by massive lines and packed tourist areas. Which is far from the relaxing experience that we all deserve when we finally get a chance to spend time, and money, on ourselves. 

One solution that is becoming more popular as a way to escape the crowds in hiring a crewed catamaran charter on places like BorrowaBoat. In this article, we explore why a crewed catamaran charter might be the right choice for you, what to bring as well as some of the top benefits to this type of holiday; which can help you decide if it’s the right one for you. 

What’s a catamaran?

If you’re new to the world of sailing, some of the terminology around boating can be confusing – especially when it comes to the differences between a yacht and a catamaran. The main difference between these types of vessels is the shape of the boath. A yacht, with its single hull, sits in the water while a catamaran, which is multi-hull, hasa platform across the top which creates the boat shape and less of it is in the water.

As catamarans can sail in more shallow waters, they’re perfect for areas where you can’t bring yachts, especially destinations like some locations in the Caribbean.

The sailing experience on yachts and catamarans also differ, so it’s something to consider when you’re deciding what to book. As yachts are more agile, you can change direction much faster – and the boats tend to be a bit quicker than their alternatives. Catamarans are much more balanced, making it potentially a more relaxed experience. 

As catamarans can be made wider than yachts, there can be much more space to move around in on a catamaran when compared to a yacht. Another factor to consider when it comes to choosing which boat you’d prefer, although both are fantastic luxury options.  

What are the benefits of chartering a catamaran

There are many great reasons to charter your own catamaran for vacation. Here are a few of the top ones!

Avoid the crowds

As we mentioned earlier on in this article, chartering a catamaran for your holiday is a fantastic way to avoid the crowds. If you want to get to highly populated areas, you still can – but you can avoid them easily too. The only people that will be onboard are the crew that are there to make your experience special, as well as the people you choose to bring along. So no need to make small chat with strangers or share your space with anyone else.

The sense of privacy you get while on a catamaran vacation makes it worthwhile for many, as it can be more relaxing than other types of holidays that may involve lines and big crowds. 

Enjoy unique locations

Another great benefit to a crewed catamaran holiday is the unique locations and freedom you have in terms of where you want to go. Want to enjoy a day exploring an island? That’s up to you! Unlike a cruise ship, you can adapt your schedule as you go and visited less populated beaches and areas.

Your captain and crew will be knowledgeable of the best areas to go – all you need to do is let them know if you’d like to!

Different Activities

If you’re looking to add activities to your catamaran experience, it’s easy to do! Most crewed catamaran charters have loads of activities to try out like fishing, diving or snorkelling, as well as the equipment to do it.

You’ll never get bored on a catamaran, as there’s just too much to do – and the best thing is that the choice is completely up to you when it comes to your activities!

A luxury experience

Chartering a catamaran is truly a luxury experience. From the food offering to the five-star service, it’s definitely a not-to-be-missed vacation and a great way to enjoy your hard-earned time off.

No wonder it’s such a popular holiday for celebrities and the global elite!

What to bring

When booking a catamaran trip, many crews will advise you what to bring along. When it comes to packing, make sure that you don’t forget your passport, licenses and any prescription medication as well as seasickness pills. Soft sided luggage is preferable as it fits better in cabins. Sun cream is definitely essential as well as a lip balm with SPF and insect repellent too.

For clothing, a few t-shirts, shorts and swimsuits are recommended as well as a light jacket, hat and sunglasses! 


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