Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake

Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein is a champion for your muscles, aiding in their development and maintenance. If you want to maximize your gains, you must consume protein throughout the day, not just at dinner.  A high protein diet has a number of possible health benefits, including weight loss, muscular growth, and overall health improvement. This implies that while it is digested, it produces a small amount of calorie burn. Protein has a stronger thermogenic effect than carbohydrate-rich diets. Consider it a good workout for your digestive system.

Eggs & Cheese snacks

Hard-boiled eggs are a quick, nutritious, and protein-rich snack. They don’t need to be refrigerated and may be taken with you everywhere you go. A sliced hard boiled egg can be added to a salad or on top of avocado toast. Snacks can help you get more protein into your diet if you choose healthy options. Chips, pretzels, and crackers are just a few examples of low-protein snacks. Even in persons with high cholesterol, cheese does not appear to raise cholesterol levels significantly. Cheese sticks are a good choice and also very convenient to take with you on the run.

Include protein in every meal

According to studies, this amount promotes satiety and muscle mass preservation better than lesser quantities consumed throughout the day. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, lentils, bacon jam and soy products like tofu and tempeh are all high in protein. You can also choose from this list of delectable high-protein dishes to ensure that you get enough protein at every meal.

Organic meat

Choosing organic meat is a great way to help yourself and the farm at the same time! Because the animals wouldn’t have been fed pesticide- and herbicide-sprayed pasture, grass-fed organic beef has greater omega-3 levels and a better fat profile. It’s also a high-quality clean protein. If you’re concerned about the animal’s quality of life, organic pasture-raised beef is likewise a good choice. Keep in mind that not all grass-fed meat is certified organic, so search for the USDA Organic seal as well! 


It is, nevertheless, critical to select a healthy variety of jerky. Sugar, preservatives, and other problematic substances are found in many forms of jerky. They’re frequently cooked using low-quality meat as well. Jerky from grass-fed cows is of higher quality and has more omega-3 fats, which is good for you. They can typically be stored without refrigeration for several months and are extremely portable and suitable for travel.

Plant based foods

Substitute quinoa and chia seeds for protein smoothies. Both are full-fledged plant-based proteins that are simple to include in snacks and meals: Quinoa can be used as a rice substitute, in homemade veggie burgers, or to “beef up” a vegetarian chili recipe. Chia seeds can be used to make puddings, as an egg substitute in baked products, and as a smoothie ingredient.


Nuts like almonds and walnuts are ideal to keep on hand. Add nuts to your salad, morning cereal, oatmeal, and more, in addition to sprinkling them on your yogurt. And, like with other nutritious foods, unflavored or salted nuts are preferable.


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