Coloring and Art Therapy for excellent output

Coloring and Art Therapy for excellent output

Drawing, painting, and coloring are creative activities as they involve a process that leads us to “create” something. In fact, with these actions, you can create paintings, drawings, and visual representations. They are activities that are part of our instinct, as they have always been used to communicate, express emotions, share and transmit messages to our fellow men.

Because they are creative activities, they activate a series of processes in our brain, leading us to a state of concentration that we could define as similar to meditation. It is no coincidence that these “primordial” activities are the most appreciated by children. So intuitive but capable of transmitting clear and direct messages, thanks to them, it is possible to overcome language barriers and reach the world of “the great.” In today’s article, I would like to propose an activity that may seem unusual to you, but I am sure you will appreciate cool drawing ideas.

Lots of coloring pages for you and your children!

 And I’m not talking about one of the realistic drawings that you can now do with great skill or oil paintings worthy of the great artist you are. Instead, I’m talking about the old coloring sheets they gave you as a kid in school. Those where someone had already taken care of drawing the subject for you, and you had to take care of coloring them with the most significant possible attention, using colored pencils and markers. And woe to get out of the edges!

If you think about it, don’t you think of pleasant sensations? The significant concentration, the feeling that time was flowing so quickly, the happiness for the finished drawing. But maybe even some unpleasant ones, right? For example, you wanted to have green skin and orange hair, but the teacher told you that the skin was pink and the hair was brown!

Don’t be a sloth! Instead, stay active and color.

You ask yourself, why do we do all this for you? Well, we only love you for the fact that you are here reading our articles. So we want to take care of you better. We want to send you a positive message and stimulate your creativity at 360 degrees.

Sometimes you are home for various reasons, you see a period of illness or a “forced stop” (if you understand what I mean, and the priority in these cases is not to switch off the brain. So there is the risk of finding yourself at the end of the day without having concluded anything, but only having spent hours and hours in passive mode in front of Facebook or Netflix.

If you know our site, we probably have a shared passion, namely that for painting. So you already know that we are convinced that this passion is the best way to spend our time helpfully, in this regard we have also written an article with 8 reasons to start painting. But sometimes you are a little tired, you have little inspiration, or you are lazy (it happens!), So why not begin coloring without too many pretensions. You will find that it is great therapy!

Coloring pages? But don’t they also do it in Art Therapy?

Okay, I said the magic word, which is “therapy. “I’ll be honest, the idea of ​​offering you some coloring pages came to me while reading various articles on Art Therapy. I am not here to give you a treatise on Art Therapy (or Art Therapy as they say in English), and I am by no means an expert in the field: but I need to give something I have read to you.

Art Therapy and Art Therapy is a discipline developed over 40 years in England and the United States. Through activities, usually artistic, the participants can work on emotional blocks, trauma, and psychological well-being.

Naturally, these activities must be supported by a therapist expert in the subject, capable of guiding the participants (I avoid the word patients on purpose) in a path aimed at obtaining the most significant possible psychological benefit.

So Art Therapy is not a simple painting, drawing, or art course. Everyone is free to choose the technique they prefer (this is why I spoke of “artistic activities,” they could even start singing!), It is a process of creation that allows them to express themselves at their best in that given moment.

Test yourself with our designs

To free the boy or girl inside of you, we have decided to create a new category on our site containing a collection of drawings to download, print, and color. We have collected the designs in three groups: fantasy, animals, and flowers.

Just select the group you prefer, and inside the product sheet, you will find the instructions to download the original files of the drawings. Remember: the pictures are free. They are absolutely neither for sale nor for a fee. And after you have colored them, why don’t you send us the photo of the result or experience it on Instagram utilizing the hashtag. We can’t expect to understand what you will be able to perform!


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