Best Minimalist Art tips for your wall decoration

Best Minimalist Art tips for your wall decoration

When it comes to home decoration, all the details are important. Furniture, colors, decorative accessories… However, one of the tricks that add more personality to our home is to decorate with the best minimalist art.

This is a beautiful and creative way to decorate our walls, create more personal spaces and achieve a more welcoming environment. There are several factors that we have to take into account when decorating with the best minimalist art: shape, size, location, and, above all, a good composition of the wall arts. This can make our walls look better. To decorate like an expert, pay attention to these tricks that will help you decorate your walls with wall arts. Take note!

Choose the right size

Whether it is one, two, or several frames, you should think about the size before installing them. Keep in mind that it must be proportional to the area where you are going to place the wall art (or the composition of paintings). In a very small space, a very large artwork will be overwhelming; whereas, in a very large space, a very small composition will not stand out. We recommend you try it first on the floor or on the wall, without drilling holes. Only when you are sure and convinced, install your best minimalist art.

Attention to frames

For this decision, always remember that less is more. If the artwork you want to display is very striking, choose a simpler and more discreet frame. On the contrary, if it is a simple illustration or with soft colors, you can enhance it with a more striking frame.

If you want to create a more casual style, you can also mix the frames, both in shape and color. If you like the idea, combine basic colors, for example, light wood frames and black frames. It is elegant and a sure hit!

Inside the artwork

This point is more personal, so you will have to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to frame. A good idea is to combine the colors of the painting with furniture to integrate them into the decoration. Try to have a certain contrast with the wall so that the result is not too monotonous and homogeneous.

If you are going to make a combination, there is a trick that never fails. Choose a theme, shapes or a dominant color so that there is total harmony. They can be the Best Minimalist Art about nature, animals, marine motifs, black and white photographs, cities, geometric lines… create a connection between them!

Professional painters and decorators usually have a health and safety insurance, which means you don’t have to worry about paying any bills in case of unfortunate events in your property. This can leave you at a certain peace of mind as events can happen even to the best and avoids risks for yourself. Our team of painters and decorators also provides with a 6-month warranty because we believe in taking care of our customers even after the job is completed for a 100% customer satisfaction.

Where to put it?

There are many options to place your Best Minimalist Art and all of them will make the chosen area stand out and attract attention. A good place is to hang it over a sofa, but keep in mind that the size of the wall art (whether one or two) or the composition should not be wider than the sofa. It is best if they are centered, at a height of 20 or 30 centimeters from the sofa, depending on the height of the ceiling.

You can place them on a piece of furniture, at the entrance of the house, or in a passageway, where they will add personality. Another very fashionable option is to hang wall arts over the headboard of the bed, creating a composition and combining the artwork with the bedding or the predominant color in the bedroom.

Keep in mind that the place where you place your paintings will stand out to a great extent, so think carefully about which wall you want to place them on and what you want to attract attention. A trick: Place the painting at eye level or at some average height, for example, 1.60 cm. Finally, if you create a composition of frames, keep in mind the distance between them.

With these tricks, your best minimalist arts and the compositions you make with them will surely succeed and will give your home a very personal touch. Study well the space in which you want to install them, as well as the content of the wall arts to achieve harmony with the rest of the decoration.


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