Are Messy Buns Still in Style?

Are Messy Buns Still in Style?

Is your lengthy hair getting in the way of your daily activities? Or maybe your hairdresser cut your hair a little shorter than you planned, and you’re not sure how to style your new bob? A messy bun will always make you appear beautiful, whether you have long, medium, or short hair. This easy-to-achieve style can be worn with confidence from day to night, thanks to a wide range of alternatives to fit any event. We studied all of the alternatives and created a list of the finest of the bunch to help you choose the most attractive messy bun look for you. This is our guide to the most beautiful messy bun hairstyles for all hair lengths. The only thing you’ll need is to purchase a JuvaBun. JuvaBun’s goal is to make you feel beautiful, not by making you look like someone you’re not, but by highlighting your natural beauty. 

They Are Definitely in Style if You Know How To Style Them The Right Way! 

Glamorous Messy Bun

This is the messy bun choice for you if you prefer a little sparkle and glamor in your life. Although it appears to be straightforward, the thick hair and interlaced style of this bun will require a little additional time and skill. We guarantee that once you’ve nailed it, it’ll become your new go-to for both work and play. Keep the hair outside the bun pulled back from the face for a more corporate, official look. After that, put on some heels and adjust your hair so that wispy, floating strands frame your face as you leave the office. This will instantly alter your appearance into the gorgeous “I woke up like this” look.

Sporty Messy Bun

No one wants hair on their face when they’re working out. A sporty messy bun will guarantee you stay focused and meet your fitness goal while looking beautiful, whether you’re strengthening your core in a reformer pilates class or running on the treadmill. The goal of this look is to keep your hair out of your face so you can stay cool while working out. The fact that it will look great during your post-gym brunch is an added plus.

Sophisticated Messy Bun

The classy messy bun is the lovechild of a typical low messy bun with a sumptuous chignon. It’s the ultimate of easy beauty. Use your brush and texturizing spray to build volume to the top of your head, then finish with the JuvaBun. Pull your hair back into a low, untidy bun, then tuck it in beneath itself and secure it with a hair tie. If you have thick hair, a few strategically placed bobby pins or hairspray will assist secure this bun. The outcome is a timeless aesthetic that is elegant, smart, and ultimately magnificent.

The JuvaBun just feels like your own hair, JuvaBun spent three years developing our products to create soft, high-quality hair that looks and feels like your own. Fits all hair types, including extremely fine hair. 

Opt for A Messy Bun Hair Piece To Elevate Your Hair Game 

Normally, when I make a messy bun, to make it more striking and fabulous, I use a JuvaBun messy hairpiece. This has numerous benefits and it looks amazing too! 

No heat or product is needed

The pre-styled, waterproof Buns and Ponytails are the simplest method to change up your hairstyle, length, or texture without committing to a permanent style or risking damaging chemical and heat damage.

Gives instant length & hair volume 

The perfect accessories to achieve a fuller, thicker, and longer hairstyle in just a few seconds.

Time-saver & beginner-friendly 

No time or experience? This is a game-changing hair trick for both beginners and pros! It takes just under 60 seconds to apply, and you can do it from anywhere!

Get instant confidence 

You will get a ton of compliments, but the real benefit is seeing how it will change the way you feel about yourself. Wear it to work, the gym, weddings, evenings out, dating, and even while traveling to have a fantastic hair day every day.

How Do I Make My Messy Bun Hairstyle These Days? 

There are lots of methods to make a sloppy bun, and YouTube instructions abound. Scoop your hair into a ponytail and pass it through an elastic once for a super easy, sloppy bun. After that, only pull the hair halfway through before starting the following loop on subsequent passes. Start by styling your hair in a ponytail. Then split it in half and twist each section separately, then together, before wrapping it around the ponytail and pinning it in place. To enhance volume, gradually pull little portions looser.


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