Alternatives of IDM – Free and secure

Alternatives of IDM – Free and secure

The modern world is the world of the internet. People glue to the internet and find it a perfect source of amusement. They love to spend quality time and view the most exciting and informative stuff as per their desire. Hence, they look for exciting videos, tutorials, movies, and much more over the internet. They are pretty crazy about the downloading of the videos. Previously, it was not possible to download videos. The advent of online tools and software added much ease to people’s lives. It perfectly revolutionized the world of the internet. 

What is IDM?

IDM is the perfect and most frequent source for downloading videos. It is a great video downloader capable of scheduling and managing all kinds of video downloads. The major features of it include the usage of the total bandwidth. The best and most fabulous feature of IDM is the URL video downloader. IDM comes with an amazing feature that helps to download and restore the videos through resuming and recovering these. Hence, there is no issue when any video download gets interrupted by a power outage, network issue, or lost connection. 

Most Exciting and Best Alternatives of IDM 

IDM is the perfect video downloader that won the hearts of the millions through its efficient performance. The sad thing about IDM is that it is merely available for a 30-days trial period and compatible with Windows only. After 30-days, it is necessary to take a license for accessing it. It gave rise to the need for IDM alternatives. Some of the most potential options are:

  • Video Downloader by Duplichecker

Are you looking for high-resolution videos at much quicker rates? Try out the video downloader by Duplichecker! It is a super exciting platform that lets you download video clips on your device without affecting the video quality. The resolution that it offers is ideal, and hence the experience of watching downloaded movies becomes super fun. Relish the weekend movie night with your friends and spend quality time with them! 

  • Video Downloader by SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is a bright name in the world of online tools. It offers a vast range of flexibility and provides the facility to download video clips. People can relish getting the secure and quick downloading of their desired videos within the blink of an eye. Accessing it is a piece of cake. Having a robust internet connection is ample to grab the splendid tool! Open this URL video downloader by following the link: and enter the video URL in the input box of the tool now you are all set for getting your favorite videos. 

  • JDownloader 2

The features of JDownloader2 are similar to IDM in various manners. It comes up with multilingual support and also provides the opportunity to resume downloads. Besides the similarity with IDM, it also offers flexibility for solving the CAPTCHAs. It reflects the compatibility with the Java-based OS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Hence, people from different OS rush towards this excellent alternative of IDM. 

  • Internet Download Accelerator

It accelerates the downloading of videos with five x speed. IDA provides multilingual support and flexible scheduling for video downloads. It resembles much with the IDM in terms of functionality and offers free services to the users. You can use it for both personal & professional purposes. The pro version allows the users to get a better experience by avoiding running ads during video downloading. 

  • FDM

FDM is the acronym for Free Download Manager. With this alternative of IDM, you can organize all the video downloads quite efficiently. It can download large files without any interruptions and resume the broken downloads. Moreover, it reflects the fabulous file priorities for the torrents. It has emerged itself as a competitor of IDM by allowing the processing of files in different types of formats. FDM can easily manage and download a ton of media files. This video downloader can integrate with Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. 

  • FlashGet

The speed of downloading the videos by FlashGet is incredible. It accelerates the speed of video downloads about ten times, which is twice the speed of IDM. There is an unlimited downloading facility for the users, and hence the user has to download antivirus software in it. The integrated offline finder is the highlighted feature of it. This tool amazingly secures the top positions among the IDM alternatives.

  • EagleGet

This video downloader is fabulously worthy and famous for its accelerated download speeds. It offers about six-time more swift downloading than various other downloading software. EagleGet is relatively smooth for the browser integration, setting speed limits, applying themes, and scheduling downloads. There is no need for any additional antivirus program to be installed on your device for using it. This video downloader perfectly deals with the malware and has the appropriate check. It has the capability of refreshing the expired addresses. 


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