17 advantages of studying in Australia

17 advantages of studying in Australia

Australia is becoming one of the most popular choices for international students studying abroad, what is its main attraction?

1. The Australian education system is complete. There are about 40 universities such as the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne, and more than 300 technical colleges. The quality of education is excellent, and it is one of the countries with excellent education levels in the world. Graduates are vying to be hired by businesses around the world. Not only do Australian schools have an attractive and challenging academic environment, they also offer a wide range of high-quality courses for students to choose from (to get the courses, please search via Course Finder).

2. The Australian government has implemented the policy of absorbing full-fee students since 1986. In terms of system and policy, the Australian government has always had advantages in taking care of international students. Its education system is very strict, and the government requires all educational institutions that offer courses to international students to be registered with the relevant authorities and subject to supervision. Students can make a complaint if they encounter a problem. Therefore, Australia’s educational standards are very well-known overseas, and educational institutions and employers in various countries recognize and accept its academic qualifications.

3. Australia’s education system is very flexible. Students can choose according to their needs, regardless of the application date, enrollment period or length of study. Because Australian universities and secondary schools have two to four semesters a year, the time for application and admission is very flexible. For a three-year undergraduate degree program, hard-working students can shorten it to two years if they choose to take vacation courses or take additional credits. For students who have not yet adapted to the new learning environment, the course can also be extended accordingly. In some universities, the master’s program can be condensed into one year.

4. For students, the difficulty of visa is the most important thing to consider. The Australian government has no quota restrictions on overseas students. Due to the loose policy, as long as the application method is appropriate, the success rate of Australian students visa application is extremely high. 

5. Australia is an immigrant country. International students with expertise can obtain legal residency locally by applying for immigration, which is very attractive for those who wish to develop long-term abroad.

6. Australia is a safer place compared to other western countries. Australia’s low crime rate and strict gun control laws ensure overseas students enjoy a safe study and travel environment. The society is stable and overseas students are very popular. It also relieves parents of concerns about the safety of students living independently in a foreign country.

7. Australia is a multicultural country, and ethnic diversity is also a feature of many colleges. This makes it easier for international students to adapt to new life. 

8. Compared with other developed countries in the world, Australia has lower living costs and tuition fees. Students can also use their spare time to legally work for salary, while accumulating social life experience.

9. Teachers in all colleges and universities have received higher education and special training, and they generally use advanced technical equipment such as the Internet, CD-ROM materials, multimedia equipment and laboratories in teaching. At the same time, flexible teaching methods are adopted, so that students can cultivate their interest in learning through teachers’ lectures, group discussions and self-study, and enhance their self-confidence, autonomy and analytical thinking ability.

10. All Australian colleges and universities generally adopt small classes, and every student has the opportunity to receive careful guidance from teachers.

11. Australian colleges and universities have complete teaching equipment. In addition to libraries, modern information teaching methods are used, including computer teaching and Internet teaching, so that students can acquire and master the latest information technology in the world.

12. There are many kinds of courses in various colleges and universities. According to the needs of the society, new courses are continuously introduced for students to choose from. Students can really learn the knowledge required by the society, so they can successfully achieve employment after finishing their studies.

13. Australia has a mild climate, the temperature changes little from year to year, and the four seasons are very dry. 

14. Australia has various entertainment facilities and provides a series of cultural and recreational activities such as art, culture and sports. At the same time, Australia is a country full of vitality and popular with young people.

15. Australia has developed transportation, convenient communication and excellent medical conditions.

There are so many advantages of studying abroad, making it a popular study destinations. Studying here, international students can gain a lot.


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